Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Shift in the Season

Weather joyous or strain...we walk through seasons of life.
I have been so blessed, privileged and honestly very spoiled to spend the last fifteen years at home with our children.  During that time I wore many hats.  Daycare was pretty much always number one.  I've not only watched our own children grow, but have had an extended family of many extra Little's, pitter patter and blossom up right along side ours.  They were like my own. Still are.  xo

In amongst the daily grid of children I would find myself crafting.  A season of making candles, wooden signs, felt penny rugs and homemade gifts until I stumbled upon handmade dolls.  In the very beginning...primitive dolls.  Painting, sanding, stitching and coffee staining.  I'd flip them over the clothesline to dry.  My heart caught fire, a self taught doll maker!  =)   Penny Rug Annies was born!

It's fun to look back and see something come alive!

Over the next few years and after the birth of our youngest son, a primitive doll made a slow change over to a child's doll.  In 2007 after some spiritual growing,  my hearts desire was to give all my gifts and talents back to God.  So after a lot of soul searching and a laundry room prayer....yep, Baby be Blessed!  I'm sure most of you have heard that story before.

What a wonderful adventure!

Opportunities that only God could have given.

Who would have thought?

Well last June, due to the health care reform, my husbands company dropped all spouses from insurance coverage.  Didn't matter if we had health care available or not, due to the high increase of cost...dropped.  This was a punch in the gut.  And let me tell you that affordable health care is not that affordable.  After a few months the opportunity came for me to go back to a big girl full time job.  With much wrestle and gnashing of teeth, I knew it was the best decision for our family.  Our children are all well into school and everything was right there in front of me...including great benefits!

With all this said, I wasn't ready (nor sure it was the Lord's will) for me to stop making dolls for Baby be Blessed.  My heart is here.  My passion is here.  Since December I've been trying to balance both.

And as a HUGE, most important side note --I must tell you that I could not do any of it without the help of my girls, Laura and Lori!!  I love you both to pieces!

So what's the next season??

To be honest, I'm not sure!  =)

This is not a post to tell you this is the end of Baby be Blessed dolls...just simply to tell you that there has been a shift in the season.  Our custom carts will close at the end of April and through the summer I pray that God would speak clearly to me.  I will still make finished dolls as life allows but I am really looking forward to just taking a step away to rest and seek the Lord.

I wish I was organized enough to bring Baby be Blessed into a big full fledged business that could grow bigger than the single small cluttered room past the dining room table...but I'm not.  And that's okay!  My gifts fall more in the designing, creating and praying over one baby doll at a time.  So right now, that is where I am going to stay and prayerfully flourish!  I can better fulfill the Lord's will if I stay within the Lord's will.  I want to honor Him.

Pray with me as I start into this new season??

Words can not express how much I appreciate each of you!  xo, Tina