Thursday, April 30, 2009

Winter into Spring...

As I reflect back on my life....I'm in awe...I'm humbled....I feel unworthy of the blessings in which the Lord has given. I look at the different seasons. The blooming season out my window and the seasons of life in which all things seem good and on track and then those seasons that we go through and ask, Why are you allowing this Lord? Where did you go Lord? Why do I feel so far from you? What have I placed in my life above you Lord God without even realizing it?? But when really He is always right there with His arms wide open....waiting, teaching, LOVING!

My Pastor shared something that the Holy Spirit is using in me the past couple of weeks. God is not disappointed in you...and another thing that another brother in Christ shared is that...God loves you....God even likes you...and He has chosen you! Thank you Lord! He sees something in me that I don't see in myself... I've been afraid of failing my whole life. I've been afraid of disappointing those around me especially my family. Actually it seemed that I did disappoint them most of the time. Also, afraid that I would never be good enough...that others would see that I'm not good enough.

Well, you know what?! None of us are good enough...that is why we need a Savior! Jesus has broken the bondage of those fears...those lies that I was listening to. Do I still deal with them...yes. Does satin try and still use them to hinder me...sometimes, but only if I give him the power to do so by not keeping my eyes, heart and mind on the truth of the One who has died to give me that freedom. It is really hard during those winter seasons. It is a daily choice to lay those fears and failures down and believe in the truth and hope that is given to us.

I've personally had to face a hard winter season! On the Baby be Blessed front we had more orders than sewers which God allowed to steer us around to where He wants us. In my personal life...dealing with the stress of getting everything done and balancing my faith and family. The Lord has also allowed some health issues in the past month. Again, a daily choice...sometimes minute by minute to say...okay Lord, you've allowed this. I don't know why but this is what I have been given today. Days have been tough. I have not handled every situation with the face and heart of Jesus. Praise God for His grace and forgivness! Praise God for those He has placed around me to encourage me in His word. To keep my eyes on truth! So to have been given those words...God is not disappointed in you, God loves you, likes you and has chosen you is exactly what I needed to hear and remind myself that I'm living this life for Him and His glory not my own. It's not about Tina, I just disappoint myself...but HE is not disappointed in me.

Where are you today? What season of life are you going through?? Are you listening to the lies of satin, or are you listening to the truth of Jesus Christ?? Make the moment by moment choice to pick up your cross and follow Him no matter what season of life you may be in. Sometimes that darn cross is heavier than others. Let us join together as believers and carry each others burden through prayer and encouragement! Please use the comment section of this post to share so we can be praying for you or someone you know!

Remember that He loves you and so do we!!

In Christ!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Custom Doll Raffle!

As many of you know Custom dolls are not available right now. Honestly...not sure if they will be back. At least not in the same way we've had it in the past. We will have dolls for sale, just not a full blown custom. {Still seeking the Lord's will and direction} SOOOO...we would LOVE to provide opportunities for you to design your very own doll while at the same time helping out a child in need!

Prayerfully most of you are aware of little Seth who we are supporting this month. If you need to catch up on his story CLICK HERE. In order to help raise as many funds as we can we are having a BbB raffle! I must say that we have been blessed by the response we've gotten so far.

{One thing I am praying for is that the Lord will provide the person to head up our Give a Blessing. Laura and I are terrible about asking for donations and coming up with fun ways to raise money....I know He has the perfect person to fill this need!}

To enter the raffle simply visit our Give a Blessing page by clicking the link above and donate to Seth. For every dollar donated, you will receive one entry. The more dollars....the more entries. Laura will assign you each a number or numbers according to your donation and will choose the lucky winner on May 1st!! So what a fun way to help out little Seth and while also winning a chance to design your very own Baby be Blessed doll.

Any questions???????
Good Luck Everyone!!! Only eight more days to enter!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

By His Wounds We are Healed!

Praying that we each allow the Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts this Easter season. That we would move closer to more of an understanding of what He did for us By His Wounds.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Be Blessed Stamp Set!

Our sweet friends at Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps is offering a Be Blessed stamp set!!

This stamp set features an adorable image of a Baby be Blessed handmade doll. Give a Blessing is a Baby be Blessed charity that was born out of the desire to reach out to children and families going through a difficult time. For each Be Blessed stamp set sold, Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps will donate $2 to this worthwhile cause.

Each set is $7.50 and you can purchase it HERE!

Thank you for supporting this worthy cause and helping a child and family in need!
Set measures approximately 3"x4"

Go check it out!!!!