Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's been THREE YEARS?! {Too Cute Tuesday!}

Remember these two Cuties? 
Oh I love watching your little ones grow!!  This is Sumner showing off her new Baby be Blessed Christmas Dress and a "photo bomb" by brother, Ellis!

Thank you so much for an updated photo!
It's been three years?!  They are getting SO BIG! 

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{And if you have a photo you would like to share *must include a BbB doll* please email them to babybeblessed@gmail.com }

Friday, January 25, 2013

Wild Eyes Signs + Baby be Blessed {Yay Free Friday!}


UPDATE:  This giveaway is now closed. 
Congratulations to Christina Burrell who won the free vinyl from Wild Eyes Signs + Katy Gefaller for winning a free personalized doll from Baby be Blessed!!


Are you as excited as I am for another Yay Free Friday Giveaway?!

This week we are partnering up with Tyneille from Wild Eyes Signs!  I simply {LOVE} vinyl wall lettering and this shop is piled full of beautiful designs that your walls are just crying out for!  =)

I've asked Tyneille to share a bit about herself and her business with you....

A little about me:
I'm a mother of 2 rambunctious little boys. I started a vinyl decor business from home which is the best of both worlds!

At Wild Eyes Signs I create vinyl home decor for every room in your home. Removable vinyl decals are a great way to decorate that can easliy be removed later without damage to your walls making decorating fun and easy!! Add that 'extra' something to make your space perfect!
Check out our shop at: www.etsy.com/shop/WildEyesSigns
Check out our website at: www.wildeyessigns.com
Please 'Like' the shop on Facebook: www.facebook.com/WildEyesSigns to keep up with the latest designs and specials
The winner of this giveaway will receive one item of their choice from my Etsy shop completely free, no shipping charge!! (Item must have a value of $40 or less)
Also during the weekend of the giveaway, mention Baby be Blessed and receive this special:
Buy any 2 decals and receive the 3rd for FREE!! (Your 3rd decal must be less than/equal price than other 2 decals purchased)

When buying through etsy: Please do not purchase your free item. Upon Etsy checkout there will be a "Message to Seller" box and you can mention BbB and the decal you would like free.

When purchasing by e-mail: Send me an e-mail with your 3 decals choices to info@wildeyessigns.com and I will invoice you through paypal.
Damask Frame Shabby Chic Vinyl Monogram Wall Art Nursery Girl 21" x 36"  1 Corinthians 10:31- Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God- Religious Bible Verse wall vinyl 11" x 23" Psalm 126 3-Scripture Vinyl wall verse-Bible Verse VInyl-Yes the Lord has done great things for us and we are overjoyed-18" x 36"
YAY for giveaways and special deals!!!

This week our giveaway includes~

-1 FREE vinyl ($40 or less)  from Wild Eye Signs + 1 FREE personalized doll ($61 Gift Voucher) from Baby be Blessed!!

Enter below and please note that all links will be checked --so no cheating allowed! =)
--Winners will be announced on this post Monday!

VINYL ONLY-Good Moms have sticky floors messy kitchens laundry piles dirty ovens and happy kids 12.5 x 12.5" Frame NOT includedI'm lovin' this "Good Moms/Happy Kids" vinyl!  What's yours??
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lean On & Trusting In.... {Finding Strength when your Tired}

I'm sitting at the counter with the swish of the washer, loud meowing cat at the back door {it's COLD},  the cough sneeze and sniffle/snots of three children, clutter, LOTS of dolls, dust, a big pile of shoes & dog hair on the floor.

Some days just scream out at you.  All I would like to do is climb back in bed!

The weeks have been busy.  A little too busy! 

Instead of throwing a stop my foot temper tantrum.  Instead of throwing buckets of grumpy, messy, ugly out on my family.  I'm really trying to lean back into what the Lord is doing.  To look at it as a growth opportunity.  To accept things exactly as they are --today. 

This is hard and it's a choice.  But the peace and joy from viewing things from His perspective has given me peace, rest and strength to keep moving forward. 

"Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding.  In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths."  --Proverbs 3:5-6, AMP

A good day doesn't require perfection.   It doesn't mean all your chores are scratched off that to-do list {or napkin in my case}.   It doesn't say you failed if the bathroom doesn't get wiped or if dishes are still sitting in your sink. 

A good day is to just do what you can do in a glorifying manner.  Keeping our eyes on God. 

Now --off to grab another cup of coffee! 

Are you with me?! {High Five!} Let's do this!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BIG Hug!! {Too Cute Tuesday!}

This is Minda checking out her "big girl bed" for the first time with her constant companion!! She brings her doll pretty much every where and knows the importance of showing her "verse" to everyone!! Everyone who says something about her baby gets to see her belly and has to read the scripture!!!

Oh, this big hug!!  Love is in her eyes!  Thank you so much for this sweet testimony.  God is so good!  May He stir up the hearts of all who read her verse! 

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Savage Custom Creations + Baby be Blessed

UPDATE:  This giveaway is now closed. 

The winner of the FREE personalized canvas from Savage Custom Creations is --Leigh Ann Garrett
+ the winnder of the FREE personalized doll from BbB is --Jennifer Metzger!!

Congratulations to you both and thanks to EACH of you who entered!!

Happy Friday, friends!!

Fridays are one of my favorite blog days of the week because I get to share some fun products and some pretty special people!  Today, I would like to introduce to you Savage Custom Creations

Jess is a stay at home Mommy of two sweet little boys and wife to a handsome man {aka...my little brother!}   =)  She is a self taught artist and loves to create in her free time! 

Zebras   Giraffes

This week we are giving away~

-1 FREE personalized name canvas from Savage Custom Creations + 1 FREE personalized doll ($61 Gift Voucher) from Baby be Blessed!!

Enter below and please note that all links will be checked --so no cheating allowed! =)
--Winners will be announced on this post Monday!

And as a special treat...Savage Custom Creations is offering through their Etsy store:
--30% discount on all orders through Saturday at 5pm EST with code: VLTN3
--25% discount after that {through Monday} with code:  YFF25

YAY!!  Enjoy!!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Awe Mom --Just Five More Minutes! {Too Cute Tuesday!}

Here is my youngest this morning when I went in to wake her up for toddlers class!!
Face down with her blankie and two dolls!! --Angelia B.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Willow of Wonder + Baby be Blessed {Yay Free Friday!}

Update:  This giveaway is now closed. 
Congratulations to--Shelby Orions (FREE Willow of Wonder Print)
                        and--Lonni (FREE personalized Baby be Blessed doll)

Today we partner up with Willow of Wonder!  
I am SO EXCITED to share these beautiful prints with you!!

As I'm sure you all know I'm in love with anything that has scripture on it!  I stumbled across Willow of Wonder through Etsy and fell in love with her work!  The first print that caught my eye was the Romans 12:10 print below.  It reminded me so much of my daughter, Natalie

Deer Girl - Scripture Art Print  - Children's wall art - girl's room art - nursery decor

I contacted Jackie and asked her if she would be interested in partnering together for Yay Free Friday ---and she said YES!!  I was so thrilled!  I know all of you fall in {love} with her beautiful creations!  I've asked Jackie to give a bit of a testimony which I included below.  I was so blessed to learn more about her family and business!
Tulip Garden Girl - scripture art print - Children's room wall art - girl's room art - nursery decor
Willow of Wonder was born out of a love for art, creating, and encouraging others in their walk with the Lord. Most

of all, it's a way for me to worship. I love having reminders to focus on scripture and really wanted them for my
children's rooms too. I like bringing to life scenes of freedom, joy, and strength in my art. To remind of God's promises.I want our children to know that they are precious in His sight, they are given a spirit of power and not fear.
I want them to be reminded daily that He will guide and protect them, and they are His mighty warriors. 
Most of my products are scripture art prints. They are 8x10 or 7x9 on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of heavyweight archival fine art velvet paper using archival inks. All come packaged with a stiff mailer to prevent bending.  I also have cars, gift tags and stickers. I'm working on completing stationery sets and bookplates in the near future. I always have a few drawings in progress. Right now I'm in the midst of making a bow and arrow girl and boy as well as a sailor boy and girl honoring their captain.

I am inspired by everything from my children, and of course scripture, but also music, books, and even the light streaming through the leaves of a tree.  My only wish is that I had more time to get the ideas from my head out onto paper. But I know my family comes first.
I'm a new (this year) homeschooling mom to my two girls ages 5 and 8. My oldest daughter struggles with dyslexia so I knew it was the only answer right now for her to learn in a calm environment that
could move at her pace. I prayed long and hard about having her younger sister home too. It has turned out to be the best decision for their friendship and for our learning days to be filled with games and fun together. My son who is almost 11 is in the fifth grade at a small private Christian school.

My husband and I met at CNN almost 20 years ago and have been married for 16 years. In my former life I was a reporter and producer covering everything from high profile political cases to movie premieres and social justice issues. I had a heart for wanting to help the underdog and to tell their story. But becoming a mom over ten years ago changed my heart and brought me home. I knew if I kept the same pace, a nanny would be raising my kids and I didn't want that.  Now, my life is full with our school commute, keeping my family fed, trying to garden and care for our new chickens and puppy, homeschooling by day, and homework help by night.  Of course mixed in with all the obligations are lots of play and opportunities to celebrate the every day. I know these days will be gone in a blink so I try to rest in knowing I'm right where God wants me. What keeps me sane is getting up before my kids for my quiet time. Doing a bootcamp class led by another homeschool mom twice a week and sneaking in moments to create whenever I can. 

--Jackie, owner/designer of Willow of Wonder


So what are we giving away this week??

--1 FREE print from Willow of Wonder + 1 FREE personalized doll from Baby be Blessed

Yahoo!! {High Five!!}

Enter below and please note that all links will be checked --so no cheating allowed! =)
--Winners will be announced on this post Monday!

And as a special treat...Willow of Wonder is offering a 20% discount on all orders over the weekend with special discount code:  BABYBEBLESSED at checkout!  Go tell all your friends!!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A visit to Tim Horton's! {Too Cute...Tuesday}

Here is my daughter Lily-Nicole and her doll Amanda
at a local Tim Horton's after a doctors appointment.

So very sweet, Anne-Marie!
I {LOVE} it!!
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--We would love for you to share your photo's with us!!  Please email them to babybeblessed@gmail.com (photo must include a BbB doll) --THANKS!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekends are for making memories!

How was your weekend? 
What are a few favorite things you did together?


--Maybe it was digging out my husbands old pick up truck and heading into town for a load of shavings for the horses.  Or maybe when I spun the tires in the frozen barn yard trying to back up to the barn.  (Thank goodness for my Father-in-law)

--Or all of us working together to get the (dreaded) job of putting all of the Christmas decorations away.  Many hands make light work!  And the feel of a clean house afterwards --YES!

--How about all of the funny photo's I found on my camera?  (Natalie strikes again!)

--It might be Sunday morning in the Word with church family.  Oh, how I love them!

--Or could be the summers catch of fish my husband dug out of the freezer and fried up for us!

I think they were all my favorite! 
How about you?  

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Just Horse'n Around...

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It's been COLD around our house and all the rain turned to snow...
so much snow that it even snowed inside the barn!   =)  
But even through the wind and cold we still love taking care
of our two ponies and take them for walks in the snow!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Joy is found in the simple! {Making Snow Ice Cream}

The truest Joy is found in the simple moments spent together....

The snow was falling in big heavy flakes as the kids waited outside.  They were covered in white head to toe.  Big flakes sticking to eyelashes.  And the standing with backpacks turned to running and sliding into snowman making into snowball throwing and their faces giggled and laughed and held big smiles! 

It was full-out fun as they waited for the school bus!

I stood in the warm and held a steaming cup of coffee and I see it through the window pane...pure joy!  I laugh with them.  They were COVERED and all I could think about is how cold they will be the first few hours of school, but I'm sure they wouldn't care.  Twenty minutes late, the big orange bus finally pulls up. Breaks squeal to a halt and they all poor in. Giggles, smiles and white all in tow!

I watch them pull away and pour prayers over them like I always do.
The day begins and I walk into the kitchen to start breakfast dishes.  A pink post-it on the door catches my eye.  I smile.

"Snow Icecream (get snow)"

Oh how I love them and I'm giddy because they remember the BESTEST of snow ice cream is made with the scoops of freshest snow (within two hours of falling the experts say!)
I grab my coat, slip on some boots and slip slide smile and giggle as I scoop up piles of fluffy white and I hear my Lola's voice in my head "and NOT THE YELLOW SNOW!"

I laugh out loud.  Big white flakes stick to my eyelashes and stumbling my way back in dusting off, kicking off shoes, my cold fingers flip through the old dog-eared recipe book.  The one we stuff all the cards into, and I look until I find just the right one!
Ah, yes. There it was!

Written by little hands.
A treasured keepsake...a family tradition!

"5 Cups of packed CLEAN snow...." We always scoop way more!

I put the snow in the freezer and leave that card all day -smiling and giggling when my eyes would catch it and the time finally came to gather them all up again.  They weren't even in the car and the first words I hear...
"Did you get it?!!" Natalie smiles excitedly!
"Yes my love, I got it! Thank you for the note!" 
And as soon as we arrived home.  The snow came out of the freezer.  I had all the ingredients sitting on the counter and they couldn't mix it up fast enough!
The conversation flows and I hear all about their day and all four of my babies are joining in and take turns pouring and stirring....and it seems to be the simplest of things that knit families tight.

Time together teaches, makes memories and brings so much joy!
May we just. slow. down. and embrace every moment given to us and thank you Lord for every single simple moment.  It's pure joy!

Snow Ice Cream:
5 cups of packed CLEAN snow! =)
1 cup of Milk
1/2 cup of sugar
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
1 dash of salt.

Mix together and place back in the freezer to firm. LOAD with Sprinkles and love on those babies!!

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**an edited re post from the archives.