Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Joy is found in the simple! {Making Snow Ice Cream}

The truest Joy is found in the simple moments spent together....

The snow was falling in big heavy flakes as the kids waited outside.  They were covered in white head to toe.  Big flakes sticking to eyelashes.  And the standing with backpacks turned to running and sliding into snowman making into snowball throwing and their faces giggled and laughed and held big smiles! 

It was full-out fun as they waited for the school bus!

I stood in the warm and held a steaming cup of coffee and I see it through the window pane...pure joy!  I laugh with them.  They were COVERED and all I could think about is how cold they will be the first few hours of school, but I'm sure they wouldn't care.  Twenty minutes late, the big orange bus finally pulls up. Breaks squeal to a halt and they all poor in. Giggles, smiles and white all in tow!

I watch them pull away and pour prayers over them like I always do.
The day begins and I walk into the kitchen to start breakfast dishes.  A pink post-it on the door catches my eye.  I smile.

"Snow Icecream (get snow)"

Oh how I love them and I'm giddy because they remember the BESTEST of snow ice cream is made with the scoops of freshest snow (within two hours of falling the experts say!)
I grab my coat, slip on some boots and slip slide smile and giggle as I scoop up piles of fluffy white and I hear my Lola's voice in my head "and NOT THE YELLOW SNOW!"

I laugh out loud.  Big white flakes stick to my eyelashes and stumbling my way back in dusting off, kicking off shoes, my cold fingers flip through the old dog-eared recipe book.  The one we stuff all the cards into, and I look until I find just the right one!
Ah, yes. There it was!

Written by little hands.
A treasured keepsake...a family tradition!

"5 Cups of packed CLEAN snow...." We always scoop way more!

I put the snow in the freezer and leave that card all day -smiling and giggling when my eyes would catch it and the time finally came to gather them all up again.  They weren't even in the car and the first words I hear...
"Did you get it?!!" Natalie smiles excitedly!
"Yes my love, I got it! Thank you for the note!" 
And as soon as we arrived home.  The snow came out of the freezer.  I had all the ingredients sitting on the counter and they couldn't mix it up fast enough!
The conversation flows and I hear all about their day and all four of my babies are joining in and take turns pouring and stirring....and it seems to be the simplest of things that knit families tight.

Time together teaches, makes memories and brings so much joy!
May we just. slow. down. and embrace every moment given to us and thank you Lord for every single simple moment.  It's pure joy!

Snow Ice Cream:
5 cups of packed CLEAN snow! =)
1 cup of Milk
1/2 cup of sugar
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
1 dash of salt.

Mix together and place back in the freezer to firm. LOAD with Sprinkles and love on those babies!!

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**an edited re post from the archives.

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