Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Too Cute...Tuesday!

Faith Brooks... you ARE simply Too Cute!!


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Monday, March 29, 2010

Marvelous Monday!

It's another Marvelous Monday!!
The winner of our Yay Free Friday giveaway is...

The Garners said...
Love the giveaway and I LOVE the scipture!!


Thanks again for all of you who entered for our giveaway this week! We praise God for every opportunity that He allows us to share His awesome Word!

My prayer for all of us this week is to seek out God through the Holy Spirit and His mighty word! Let us receive a renewed passion and fire in our hearts for Him! That through our walk IN Him, we might be healed. That others might see the difference in us. That others might see Christ himself, in us.

We all know that we are unable to live this out in our flesh... daily picking up our cross and dieing to self. It seems hard! That cross is heavy! You feel the weight of the sharp splinters digging into your skin! But my sweet sisters, we make it much harder than it really is! When we feel the weight of that cross...we are trying to hold it up ourselves. All we have to do is ask for help...it is that simple. He is faithful to answer!

Please pray with me this week.

We want to know you, desire you and TRUST you in every single detail of our lives! Heal those areas in our lives that are broken, Lord! You are faithful and Your word promises you will never leave or forsake us! Let us hold that peace which surpasses all comprehension! Your way is better than our own! We ask boldly, knowing You will answer! In the mighty name of Jesus Christ! ~ AMEN!

Be blessed today! Stand FIRM in Christ!!
Much love~Tina

Friday, March 26, 2010


It's Yay...Free Friday!
Thanks for all your wonderful giveaway ideas through facebook...you may just be seeing some more of those ideas soon!

Our giveaway this week is a Baby be Blessed scripture tote with matching doll blanket! The scripture reads: "I will praise You, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will tell of all Your marvelous works. I will be glad and rejoice in You; I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High." Psalm 9:1-2

To enter, please leave a comment under this post. I will pick the winner Monday!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Too Cute...Tuesday!

I wanted to send our deepest thanks for the Friday Give Aways. We were so blessed to have won several weeks ago. I'm not sure who likes Esther Ruth more...Mama or Sadie! We will cherish and love her well!!!

Thanks so much!
Kiley Farwell
Oh! She is so so cute!! Thanks again, for sharing this picture and your kind words!!


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...and speaking of cute!

What do you think about the cute new banner and button Christina from Pooh's Corner http://momsbabypooh.blogspot.com made for us! Christina, you are so very sweet!! Please check out her blog and...shhh...just a little insider info...you just might find a BbB giveaway show up there sometime real soon!

What a blessing! God is awesome!

I am still having trouble getting the button html code for a copy and paste to work correctly. Does anyone know how to do that? Please email me if you can help. We would love to be able to share our button with you!

Thank you ~Thank you ~ Thank you!!
Have a great day!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Marvelous Monday!

Good Morning! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and a Marvelous Monday! =) Here are the winners of our book giveaways!

The two copies of "Same kind of different as me" go to....

blessedmomto8 said...
I would love to be entered for the frist book :)


Jennie said...
Same Kind of Different as Me, please :)

The two copies of "What difference do it make" go to...

Samantha said...
The first book completely changed the way I think about life, I would be honoured to read their second book!


jenh said...
I would love to be entered for "What difference do it make?" I read "Same kind of different as me" and have passed it on to so many of my friends and family. I think that book really changed my outlook on life. It was so good and real...

Please send me an email at babybeblessed@gmail.com with your addresses and I will get those out to you! Thank you so much for entering and if you didn't win, please keep these books in mind!

Oh, and just for clarity...I recommend reading the FIRST book then the SECOND book. Sorry, if I confused anyone!

Have a wonderfully BLESSED day!
Much love~Tina

ps-The order status will be updated a little later on our website, and we do have some finished lambs and bunnies for sale as well as our new totes. Go check them out if you have time!!


Friday, March 19, 2010

What difference do it make?

Today we are not going to focus on who has read the book...but on who hasn't! We've got copies to give away and we would LOVE for you to have one of them!!

We will be giving away two copies of "Same kind of different as me" and two copies of "What difference do it make?"

You can...but I wouldn't recommend reading the second book before the first, so when you leave your comment below (this post) to enter please specify which book you would like to have.

So we kind of have two giveaways going on at once, one for book one and two for book two! =)

We would still LOVE to hear your thoughts, so please share with us either here or in the previous post. I also have a copy of the introduction chapter of "What difference do it make?" so if you are interested in receiving that, please email me at babybeblessed@gmail.com and I will email you a copy. It is too long to post here.

I'll choose the winners on Monday!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!
Much love~Tina

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Same kind of different as me...

{Please turn off blog music below}

It's really hard to put into words what I have carried away from this book. To be honest, it is so much that I'm still trying to process and ponder the wisdom and life lessons that Ron and Denver share.

You know...God really used it to bring a lot of ugliness about myself to the surface. Things that I didn't either realize or simply was ignoring about myself.

We live in a very small town. It's actually considered a village. We have one gas station which is also our little grocery, one restaurant, one bank, one school which holds K-12, a car lot, and one stop light. They all run down the middle of town on Main street. It's really simple around here. It's clean. People pretty much know everyone or at least know where you belong. We simply don't have a homeless issue and everything that a larger city would have.

So once I really thought about it, I realized how very quick I was to judge...

People standing along interstate with a sign. My mind would think "Go down to Walmart and get a job!" I wanted to hand them an employment application instead of offering them a "blessing" as Ron mentioned above. They were a people on a much lower status and they didn't care...they just kept on without wanting to better themselves. That honestly is what I secretly thought. It's embarrassing to even admit that. Talk about snooty patooty and pridefully too big for her britches! Yikes!! Of course you've got to keep your loving Christian appearance by helping where you can and making donations.

I love Mr. Ron's honesty about his dealing with these same emotions! But, oh the heart of his wife Deborah! I love her heart and I love her relationship with the Lord. How open and obedient she was and how the Lord poured out the blessings...just not in the manner you'd expect.

Now, I don't want to ruin the book for those of you who haven't read it, so I'm not going to go into many details.

But that Denver....

The wisdom that the Lord has given him will trickle down to all those who read or listen to his words. Seeing and hearing life from his perspective puts truth and a Christlike view into my perspective. There is a big difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge. I know do not judge and love your neighbor...but yet that is what I did so quickly. It's the constant struggle of our flesh. Thinking we know and can rightfully judge. I am so glad that the video above gives the example of the $20 the woman gave to the homeless man. I probably would not have given it before because I would think I'd rather give him food directly instead of money that I know he will spend on sinful pleasures. But Denver has changed my view on that. We need to keep our heart pure in our giving. God knows our hearts and He knows theirs. I constantly remind myself of Romans 8:28 "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose". That is a promise and we need to stand firm in that!!

This all goes so much deeper than just how I look at the homeless now. It has changed the way I desire to take things under my quick control because I feel I know what is best. Want to know a secret?? I don't know nothin'!! And I LOVE admitting that! The book has also changed how I view people. People all around me. Those people who are "different" than me. Well, that's why I love the title...because we are really the same kind of different! We are all just broken people. I praise God for sending His son to come and fix those who want fixed and I believe He is using this book all over the world to bring some light to what still needs some mending and moulding.

It is a daily battle of the flesh. Even as believers we have to fight that sin nature we were born into. But there is victory in Christ. If we can truly love someone as Christ loves and truly move as Christ wants us to move...wow! Sometimes God uses a simple life story to speak to our hearts. Man, He used this one in mine. I praise God that Ron and Denver were so honest and open so that we all can acknowledge week spots in our character. I praise God for Deborah and her heart. What an example she sets for me.

Have any of you read the book? Would you share your thoughts?? Even if you haven't...what to do think? We all struggle with the same sins...let's talk about them! =)

Tomorrow, we will be giving away the free copy of the second book "What difference do it make?" that Thomas Nelson gave us, and I'm thinking maybe...just maybe...a couple more than that! =)

Have a wonderful day!
Much love~Tina

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What IS the difference??

Remember this book?? Last month we gave a copy away for Yay...Free Friday. You can read the original post HERE. I literally read this book in two days. It captured me in the first chapter and other than feeding my kids and grabbing another cup of coffee, not much got done...I was caught in the world of Denver, Ron and Deborah! Whew...talk about hanging on to every word and going through every emotion! As every paged turned, I journeyed through their lives. It's one of those books that is so real...you feel like you've been right there with them on the sidelines watching and feeling everything they experienced.

God used it in my life...

He revealed things to me about my character that wasn't really that pretty.

So you probably ask, what brings about this discussion?
Why didn't we do it the first time around when we gave a copy of it away??

Well, we received this...

Jodi said...
Hi! Thank you for recommending "Same Kind of Different as Me" on your blog! I work with Thomas Nelson, and we would love to follow your blog and hear what readers think of this moving book. I also want to let you know that Ron and Denver have just released a new book "What Difference Do It Make?" which updates readers on their activity since the first book came out. Please contact me with your mailing address if you are interested in receiving a complimentary copy of the new book for review on your site at your convenience.
Thanks! Jodi Hughes

How exciting is that!!
It took me back a little bit to be honest. Wow...praise God that they even found our little blog, would care to ask our thoughts AND giving us a copy of their new book!

(Which on a side note, I've read that one as well and -AWESOME!) More on that later.

So this is my question for you...

What IS the difference? How has God used this book to change you?

Take some time today to think, ponder and pray about this. I'll be sharing tomorrow on how God has used it in my life (the good, bad and ugly) and we would love to hear how He worked in your heart as well.

Ask people around you if they have read the book. Let's get as many people to join in as possible! What an encouragement it will be!

Have a wonderful day!
Much love~Tina

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Too Cute...Tuesday!

Brady Now...

Brady Then...

Tina, you can see by Brady’s baby picture that the hair on his doll is “spot on.” His hair absolutely stood on end (and in this picture the sunlight caught it). So no need to take the sheers to the yarn. Thanks for honoring my special request to remember my crazy-haired baby. We love our dolls. Melissa


Those eyes...oh my! And his hair in the sun make Brady look like and angel!

This is Dane's brother (pictured last Too Cute...Tues)
Thanks so much for sharing both your boys Melissa!!


Do you have a photo for Too Cute...Tuesday?
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Have a great day!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Marvelous Monday!

I bet your wondering who won the $55 Gift Certificate?? Here I am running errands this morning and leaving you all in suspense!

So finally....

The winner is: Cassie said...
Thanks for the great giveaways!

Congratulations Cassie!! I did not see a way to contact you through blogger, so please send me an email at babybeblessed@gmail.com to receive your $55!!


Now, we are long overdue for an order status update!

This week, I will be finishing and shipping #B10-210 through B10-227.

I got behind last week on my emails so I will continue working through them. If you haven't heard back from me, I hope to be responding shortly and please don't forget to check your spam folders. We've heard that quite a few have been going there.


On Wednesday...we will start a discussion here on the blog! shhh...it has something to do with Ron Hall and Dever Moore!! Have you heard of them?? Have you read either of their books? You'll want to make sure that you pop back in and check it out!

Also...it was a close vote, but it looks like our newest doll is Naomi Nichole!!

Thanks so much!!
Have a wonderful day!

Friday, March 12, 2010


As mentioned yesterday, it has been a very busy week and I haven't had the chance to make anything for Yay...Free Friday.

I guess that means we will just give away another $55 Gift Certificate...

You don't mind do you?!

To enter, please leave your contact information under this post today through Sunday. I'll pick the winner on Monday morning and email you the voucher number worth $55.00 to use however you wish on our website!

Sound good?

ALSO! Don't forget to vote for your favorite name for our newest baby! It will be announced Monday as well...it's a close vote!!

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!!
Much love~Tina

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good Morning!!

Good Morning Everyone!!

Wanted to pop on here quick this morning and apologize for leaving you hanging from Monday!! It is amazing how quickly things can get busy and days fly by! I can't believe that it is Thursday already! =) Nothing too exciting, just MUCH going on all at once!!

Emails and orders will be responded to over the next couple of days. No worries, your dolls will be made in the order we have received them! =) Thank you so much for your patience!

I'll announce next week the topic of discussion we will be having here on the blog. I'm anxious and excited to hear all about how God is working in your lives!!

So, I'll leave all of you this morning with some pictures from my nephew Chase's roller skating birthday party! Above is a picture of my little Woody (aka Kolton) and I having lots of fun! I couldn't believe that my two year old would want to skate...but there was NO leaving him on the sidelines!!

{pause blog music below}

Happy 10th Birthday Chase! on PhotoPeach

Monday, March 8, 2010

Marvelous Monday!

The sun is shining here again in Ohio again this morning! I think that it has been out the past three or four days in a row!! It is so refreshing after weeks of clouds... Thank you Lord!

On a side note, though it looks beautiful around here... it doesn't smell it! Our poor dog, Gunner met up with a skunk last night and PHEW...DOES HE STINK!! My husband came home with the smell too, but it seems that was just the ride home with the dog and praise the Lord...was able to wash that stink off!! =) The dog however had to sleep outside and just doesn't understand what he did to deserve such treatment! I feel so bad for him! Those brown droopy eyes just make your heart melt. He is such a good boy!

Anyway...I bet you are wondering who won our giveaway this week??

Well, here she is!!


She must be named "Melody" or "Joy" in honor of the wonderful promise she reminds us of in God's Word!




I've absolutely loved reading through all of your name suggestions! I will put up a few favorites on the right sidebar so you can vote this week for your favorite! If you are interested in purchasing her, she will be available a little later today!!

Thanks so much everyone!
Make sure to check the blog tomorrow for Too Cute Tuesday along with the start of a week long discussion and more giveaways!!

This is the day that the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! (sing along everyone!)
Have a WONDERFUL day!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

YAY...Free Friday!!

"Sing to the LORD, O you saints of his, and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness. For his anger endures but a moment; in his favor is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning." Psalm 30:4-5

So excited to show you our giveaway this week!!

Is she cute or what?!

I love when a new Baby be Blessed baby is born! =) This is actually our Grace pattern but I gave her brown muslin skin and minky piggie tails! Psalm 30:4-5 reads on the scripture patch on her tummy.

Not only are we giving her away, but she will be available to purchase on Monday through our website, so she needs a name!

To enter please leave a comment (and your name suggestions) under this post today through Sunday and we will announce the winner on Monday!

I'm so excited! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Give a Blessing Giveaway

"Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another."
1 John:11

The above verse from 1 John is what God has been placing on my heart when I think about our Give a Blessing ministry and just life in General.

No matter what situation another brother or sister in Christ is in or how deep an unbeliever is into sin we are to love one another. To look at each other through Christ's eyes and not through our own quick judgement. Then to seek out the Lord as to how He would want to use us in that moment.

Sometimes this is very easy. For example with our Giving a Blessing ministry. It is so easy to fall in love and ache for these sweet families! They are hurting and need prayer! It's easy to love and I feel so very blessed that you do!


What about those times when it is hard to love? When we judge another or when we have our guard up from our own hurts in life that we don't want to show another love. We think they don't deserve love for one reason or another...you fill in the blank.

Let's all be honest, it's going to happen.
How do we keep ourselves in check when these feelings and emotions creep in?

It's keeping our own eyes open and our ears clear from the garble of the world. To seek out God daily and allow Him to meet with us. He is waiting there with His arms open.... Ask Him to help dump out all of the garbage and fill to overflow you with the Holy Spirit. Only then when we get rid of the junkiness of us and our situations (die to self) can we truly love one another and be used how God truly wants to use us. Only then will we receive more blessings than we could ever imagine!!

Anyway...just some pondering thoughts this morning....

But, thank you for loving on this family with us this month. As we continue to pray and follow the Butler family I ask you to do the same!

Those who Gave a financial Blessing to sweet Boston were entered into a giveaway! This gives us a chance to give a blessing back to you!

First place is a $55.00 Gift Certificate for whatever you wish at the Baby be Blessed website!

The winner is #91 Danae Hudson!
We are so happy for you Danae! God will bless you for all you do to serve and help others!

Second place winner will receive A FREE Tee of your choice (Youth or Adult) from Wild Olive!! This includes shipping and tax, in the US only.

*I would like to include a quick thank you to Wild Olive who has so generously offered to support our Give a Blessing ministry! PLEASE check out their HOPE FOR HAITI charity tee and all of their other goodies by clicking the logo below! Those ladies have pure hearts and continue walking forward in the Lord!! Thank you so much for giving your gifts back to Him and being a light to all of us!!*

Wild Olive

Second place winner of our giveaway this month is...

#197- Monica Lopshire!!
Congratulations Monica!! I KNOW you will be blessed with your new WILD OLIVE TEE!!
Thanks so much for your giving heart!!


Our next Give a Blessing recipient will be introduced the month of April. If you have a family, child or organization you would like to nominate, please email me at babybeblessed@gmail.com

Thanks so much everyone!!
Have a very BLESSED day!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Too Cute...Tuesday!

Sweet little Dane...waits no more!

After Dane's sweet appearance last week, we had to give you a doll update this week! Dane is happy his doll has arrived!! Brady (Dane's brother) will be up next week! Thanks again for sharing your babies with us Melissa!


Do you have photo's to share??
Please email them to babybeblessed@gmail.com