Monday, March 29, 2010

Marvelous Monday!

It's another Marvelous Monday!!
The winner of our Yay Free Friday giveaway is...

The Garners said...
Love the giveaway and I LOVE the scipture!!


Thanks again for all of you who entered for our giveaway this week! We praise God for every opportunity that He allows us to share His awesome Word!

My prayer for all of us this week is to seek out God through the Holy Spirit and His mighty word! Let us receive a renewed passion and fire in our hearts for Him! That through our walk IN Him, we might be healed. That others might see the difference in us. That others might see Christ himself, in us.

We all know that we are unable to live this out in our flesh... daily picking up our cross and dieing to self. It seems hard! That cross is heavy! You feel the weight of the sharp splinters digging into your skin! But my sweet sisters, we make it much harder than it really is! When we feel the weight of that cross...we are trying to hold it up ourselves. All we have to do is ask for is that simple. He is faithful to answer!

Please pray with me this week.

We want to know you, desire you and TRUST you in every single detail of our lives! Heal those areas in our lives that are broken, Lord! You are faithful and Your word promises you will never leave or forsake us! Let us hold that peace which surpasses all comprehension! Your way is better than our own! We ask boldly, knowing You will answer! In the mighty name of Jesus Christ! ~ AMEN!

Be blessed today! Stand FIRM in Christ!!
Much love~Tina

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