Thursday, March 4, 2010

Give a Blessing Giveaway

"Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another."
1 John:11

The above verse from 1 John is what God has been placing on my heart when I think about our Give a Blessing ministry and just life in General.

No matter what situation another brother or sister in Christ is in or how deep an unbeliever is into sin we are to love one another. To look at each other through Christ's eyes and not through our own quick judgement. Then to seek out the Lord as to how He would want to use us in that moment.

Sometimes this is very easy. For example with our Giving a Blessing ministry. It is so easy to fall in love and ache for these sweet families! They are hurting and need prayer! It's easy to love and I feel so very blessed that you do!


What about those times when it is hard to love? When we judge another or when we have our guard up from our own hurts in life that we don't want to show another love. We think they don't deserve love for one reason or fill in the blank.

Let's all be honest, it's going to happen.
How do we keep ourselves in check when these feelings and emotions creep in?

It's keeping our own eyes open and our ears clear from the garble of the world. To seek out God daily and allow Him to meet with us. He is waiting there with His arms open.... Ask Him to help dump out all of the garbage and fill to overflow you with the Holy Spirit. Only then when we get rid of the junkiness of us and our situations (die to self) can we truly love one another and be used how God truly wants to use us. Only then will we receive more blessings than we could ever imagine!!

Anyway...just some pondering thoughts this morning....

But, thank you for loving on this family with us this month. As we continue to pray and follow the Butler family I ask you to do the same!

Those who Gave a financial Blessing to sweet Boston were entered into a giveaway! This gives us a chance to give a blessing back to you!

First place is a $55.00 Gift Certificate for whatever you wish at the Baby be Blessed website!

The winner is #91 Danae Hudson!
We are so happy for you Danae! God will bless you for all you do to serve and help others!

Second place winner will receive A FREE Tee of your choice (Youth or Adult) from Wild Olive!! This includes shipping and tax, in the US only.

*I would like to include a quick thank you to Wild Olive who has so generously offered to support our Give a Blessing ministry! PLEASE check out their HOPE FOR HAITI charity tee and all of their other goodies by clicking the logo below! Those ladies have pure hearts and continue walking forward in the Lord!! Thank you so much for giving your gifts back to Him and being a light to all of us!!*

Wild Olive

Second place winner of our giveaway this month is...

#197- Monica Lopshire!!
Congratulations Monica!! I KNOW you will be blessed with your new WILD OLIVE TEE!!
Thanks so much for your giving heart!!


Our next Give a Blessing recipient will be introduced the month of April. If you have a family, child or organization you would like to nominate, please email me at

Thanks so much everyone!!
Have a very BLESSED day!!

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Divine Mrs D said...

I almost got hit by a truck yesterday (I had the right of way, but he wanted to turn). I really was quick to judge and get all self-righteous, but I tried to think of what Jesus would do (even if trucks weren't around back in the day) and it actually really gave me peace. Thank you for your thoughts today!