Monday, November 30, 2009

Thank You Lord!

Thank you Lord!! What a wonderful surprise to read on the West Family blog that Paxton was released from the Hospital the evening before Thanksgiving!! What a wonderful praise!! Read more about it here.

The end of the month is here already, and we thank all of those who have helped the West family! There is always something we can do to help another in need! The Lord calls the body of Christ to join together! Pray! Help encourage with God's powerful word! If you can give financially...give! Thank you -thank you for doing these things for this little boy and his family! But just because it is the end of the month, doesn't mean you should stop. Continue praying, continue encouraging through His word and keep giving to whoever the Lord places in your path and on your heart! Be still and listen to His leading...sometimes that is hard to do in this busy and loud world we live in.

15 people donated $679 over this month... AWESOME! THANK YOU!! Please know that we are never asking for handouts...we never want to pressure others into giving. We don't like to focus on the dollar amount, but encourage you to have a good and pure heart in however the Lord wants to use you! He knows who will get what before it happens anyway. We only desire to be an open vessel for Him to work through.

Please continue following along with the West family! May God continue to bless them and guide them mightily through this time! Please specifically pray for Paxton's check-up today at St. Pete, and that he is doing well enough to stay home.

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Want to win this???

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Paxton David...

We are way over due for an update on our little Paxton! He had surgery on is a little bit from his mommy, Jen:

He did amazing through surgery. Here is his post op picture for those who haven't seen it. As I have said before and I will say it again, I post these pictures so you all can really see just how amazingly brave and strong our son is. No baby should ever have to endure all that he has, but Paxton does it with a grace that brings me to tears. I should also note that this is the FIRST picture of Paxton with zero tubes on his face since the day he was born two months ago. How beautiful to see his entire gorgeous face!

I encourage you to visit their blog to keep up to date on little Paxton...and please continue to PRAY!!

We want to praise God for all of you who have donated to this family! We have reached the half way mark..YAY!!!! I want to apologize for not having the giveaway dolls pictured yet on the site! This week, I PROMISE! For every dollar you donate you will receive a chance to win a Baby be Blessed twin boy/girl doll set with some extra goodies!! AND...we have a wonderful donation for a second place winner as well!! Check it out HERE!!

Hmmmm....we love to give back to all of you who give, so today through Sunday (the 30th) if any of you donate $20 or more we will be sending you a little something!

But what should that something be??!! Any ideas?? Let us know what you might be interested in... a free crown or doll accessory?? Maybe a coupon or something of that nature?

Let us know your ideas under this post!!
I love to get the creative juices flowing!!

Much love~Tina

ps...Don't forget to forward your chip in to us!! Not only will you get a freebie for donating $20 or more, but you'll also get your name in for the giveaway's!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Adoption Website 2009 Fundraiser



Hurry...Hurry!!! If you win an item, or even place a bid on an auction item, you'll be entered to win a Baby Be Blessed Doll! CLICK HERE to check it out and don't forget to keep this amazing ministry in your prayers!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Too Cute...Tuesday!

Here's our Miss Carly!!


Do you have a picture for Too Cute...Tuesday??

Have you sent a picture that I haven't used yet?? Let us know!! Please email

"A new commandment I give to you, that you love oneanother,even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.By this all men will know that you are My disciples,if you have love for one another."John 13:34-35

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Drum roll please..... the winner for Steven Curtis Chapman's newest CD, Beauty will Rise is.............

Jessica said...
Looks like a fun time! Thanks for the wonderful give away. God bless!

Congratulations Jessica!! You will need to email me ( ) your shipping information and I will get that right out to you!!


In other BbB news, we are off to Christmas in the Village, right here in town. If you live in the area and have some BbB goodies on your wish list, you will have to stop by! We will have lots of stocking stuffers and even will be taking a few personalized orders yet for Christmas at a discounted price. There will be lots of wonderful ladies displaying their sure to bring your holiday shopping list!

Christmas in the Village brings good news to all of you Internet shoppers as well, because whatever doesn't sell will be listed on the website in perfect time yet for those Christmas purchases!!

Be sure to follow us on twitter for little snid bits of our Christmas in the Village day!!

Much love~Tina

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Too Cute...Tuesday! ~Interupted.

We interrupt this Too Cute...Tuesday to give you some updates on what is going on here behind the scenes!! As we round up and finish off some things, we have yet much more that we are working on. Whew...really more irons in the fire than what I would like, but I keep telling myself that this is where the Lord has placed us TODAY. No worries, it will all fall into place as it always does!

First and foremost, ALL Christmas Cart orders have been sent out as of last week! We have one international order that we still need to receive SH and one domestic order that we still haven't received a scripture patch confirmation. Those are the only two pending orders from the Cart. If you haven't received your order, PLEASE contact us so we can run the tracking number now so we can locate your package. If you are one of the two orders above, please contact us asap! We've tried several times to email, but maybe it is going to your spam folder...let us know! =)

Next on the list are those orders placed Sept. 25th. You all got put in the line-up behind the Christmas cart. Some have shipped. We have 35 yet to go. This is a combination of orders and giveaway dolls. Lori has 10 that are sewn and ready to be finished, and another 15 that she is working on this week. I have 10 doll orders/giveaways to cut yet, then will go to Lori to be sewn after the bunch she has now. Then we are done for the year. Did all that make sense?? ;) Bottom line is...they will all ship by the end of November, so no worries for Christmas, but I apologize that is has been longer than the original mention of six weeks when you placed the order. We truly are moving forward as quickly as we can while keeping our focus where it needs to be...God first, family second.

Orders for 2010...Thank you - Thank you for all of you who have confirmed your scripture patches already! Most have been already printed and placed with your order to be cut. The new WORD for WORD personalization method, has cut our back and forth time down tremendously!! Thank you! I know Laura thanks you as well!! We haven't quite tacked down the number system we are going to use yet, with everything going on...but we will be in touch with that in December so you know exactly where your order is in the line up. I can mention however that we have around sixty orders in house. So if you would place an order today, would put your shipment mid to late February.

Things that are coming:
~We have Christmas in the Village, here in New Knoxville on Saturday (more on that tomorrow)
~The dolls for this months Give a Blessing Giveaway, will be pictured next week...along with a wonderful donation for a second place winner!!
~More stocking stuffer items will be available starting next week!!

Well, I better get going!! We have a sweet woman stopping by this morning for a doll outfit sewing lesson! I'm so excited!!

Please continue to pray for Baby be Blessed! It has been an awesome and sometimes hard journey...but God is so good and faithful! I praise Him for these times of growth! We will continue to move forward in His leading, praying that He would use us for His wonderful work!!

Much love everyone!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Our weekend travels....

Happy Monday Everyone!!

We were so blessed to be invited down to the Show Hope Banquet this weekend! Lori and I left Friday evening around 5:30 pm on the six hour drive to Franklin, TN. The Lord blessed us with safe travels, and I must say that we were pretty giggly and slap happy by the time we arrived! Since we drove down in the dark it was awesome to wake up Saturday morning and take a look around...I have no word to describe the area other than BEAUTIFUL!!

Saturday morning we spent time reading in Proverbs, praying and just enjoying fellowship time together. We made prior arrangements to meet Mary Beth around 11:45 to deliver the lamb bundles. We arrived at the Marriott Hotel there in Franklin to to meet up with her after a meeting she was attending. Everyone was so friendly!! Everyone you met had a smile on their face and a kind word coming from their lips! It was refreshing! We walked in the conference room and were like two little wall flowers... =) The meeting was over and everyone was visiting with each other, so we waited our turn and finally met Mary Beth!

We left the bundles in my vehicle so in true Baby be Blessed tradition it seems...we went out and had our parking lot exchange! This makes me smile because when we delivered the lambs for the compassion trip it was also a parking lot, out of the back of my suburban doll deal! =) I wish we would have gotten a picture that time, but I made sure we grabbed one this time! Here is Lori, Mary Beth and myself with the lamb bundles that will be heading to China...

I praise God and give Him all the glory for this opportunity! May He use these lambs mightily to show His love, compassion and truth to others!

After we made our delivery, we wanted to find The factory where the Show Hope Banquet was being held later that evening. When we arrived there was a farmers market outside...yum! Lori over heard someone say..."Man you could eat your way right through this place!" Lori and I did with some delicious double chocolate chip bread! Did I mention Yum!! We then went to take a peek inside...I was so surprised to find what was in there!!

We are walking up the side entrance looking for the Banquet Hall.... was like a little shopping mall inside!

Here is the Antique Mall there...

Many Artists! I took this picture for my Natalie, she loves horses!

We also found some really nice people! This sweet gentleman though was trying to whisper sweet nothings into my ear...By the look of the picture it was working! =) But no worries Keith!!

Lori kept us in line! Here she is telling this gentleman that it is a sin to try to pick up married women!! =) Sorry, we were still giggly!

Lori and myself!

Oh, and Show Hope has their offices here!!

Miss Lori...

They have a second hand store! Lori found some pants that matched her shoes she wore to the Banquet! Love it!!

Here is a little shop in which you can pick out and paint your own piece of pottery and they will fire it for you! My kids would have LOVED that!!

So after running around and having fun all afternoon, we went back and got ready for the Banquet. We arrived PLENTY early, since honestly Lori and I do not know how to read a fancy invitation...seriously. But better early than late! I had a little trouble with my camera due to the lighting, but here are some photo's.

Here we are!

The tables, oh and check out the centerpieces.
Took my breath away!
We sat at table #57.
Real butterflies!
It was so beautiful!

Here is a picture of the International Children's Choir...they were so awesome! I could watch them all day!

Lori and I again...
The whole evening was wonderful! To hear them share what work God is doing through Show Hope is simply amazing! Thank you Lord!!

On a final note....we each found a little treat on our chair! What a blessing to receive Steven's new Beauty Will Rise CD!!!! Around it is tied a little butterfly seed paper which you can plant in dirt and wait for little sprouts to appear!!

But guess what?!

I'm going to give my copy away to one of you!!!
Are you excited?! I am!!
So leave your contact information under this post and on Friday, I will pick the lucky winner!!

Thank you so much for all your prayers this weekend for Show Hope and also for Baby be Blessed! Hope you enjoyed the little snidbit of our weekend travels!!

Have a wonderful and blessed week!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Maria's Big House of Hope!

We're heading to Show Hope this weekend!!

As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. Whoever speaks, is to do so as one who is speaking the utterances of God; whoever serves is to do so as one who is serving by the strength which God supplies; so that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belongs the glory and dominion forever. Amen
1 Peter 4:10-11

I really have no words to describe the praise in my heart! Many many hands, feet and hearts came together to make these lambs for the children at Maria's Big House of Hope!!

May God be glorified!

Please pray for all the children that will be receiving these lambs!
May they feel the love and hope we have in Jesus Christ!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A new beginning...

Don't forget to check out this weeks video at
The Jesus Storybook Bible!

Much love~Tina

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Paxton David West

This is little Paxton David! He is our Give a Blessing recipient this month. What a sweet sweet boy...and how God has already used him in the lives of others. Here is a little bit from his mommy....

"My husband and I have always wanted a big family. There is nothing better than a house full of screaming, laughing, happy children. So far we had been blessed with two, beautiful healthy children, so we decided it was time to add to the brood. After sixteen weeks of pure joy, I went in for what was meant to be a regular doctors appointment only to find out our third baby had died in utero, four months along. It was a shock and a long road to recovery, so when I found out we were blessed this past January to be pregnant again I was elated and terrified. I did not allow myself to plan or prepare until around 30 weeks "just in case." I vividly remember at 30 weeks, my husband and I making the trip to babies r us to shop for our baby (the sex was unknown at the time because we LOVE surprises) I stopped in the store and began sobbing, my husband asked me what was wrong, and I said "We made it." This baby made it and is going to be ok. I was so scared of losing another baby that I could hardly believe this child was only 8 weeks away from being in our arms. Then, at 33 weeks what was meant to be another routine check up, an ultrasound showed something was wrong with our babies heart. She kept the probe over our babies beating heart for all to long that I knew and my stomach dropped. This is where it all began...."

Read more of their story HERE

Most of you know that the whole point of Give a Blessing to is encourage and bless another in a Christ glorifying manner. It will be different for all of us.

If this blog post is crossing your eyes...there is a reason and God wants to use you!!
PLEASE pray, be still and seek the Lords will!!

Now this isn't all about making a donation. Yes, we would love the Lord to provide for this family financially through all of you, BUT our main purpose is PRAYER!!

PRAY for sweet little Paxton and his family! Pray for them daily! Pray for them every single time the Lord places them on your mind! Prayer is powerful and God is so faithful!!

For current updates, please visit their blog HERE

My heart aches for Paxton's Mommy, Jen right now and she really needs all of us to send her a word of encouragement! Let her know how many prayer warriors are out there for her son and family! Let her know that God has this in His mighty hand and share the scripture that God places on your heart!!

We love all of you! May God use you mightily today!!
Praising God for the hands and feet of His church!

Much love~