Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Paxton David West

This is little Paxton David! He is our Give a Blessing recipient this month. What a sweet sweet boy...and how God has already used him in the lives of others. Here is a little bit from his mommy....

"My husband and I have always wanted a big family. There is nothing better than a house full of screaming, laughing, happy children. So far we had been blessed with two, beautiful healthy children, so we decided it was time to add to the brood. After sixteen weeks of pure joy, I went in for what was meant to be a regular doctors appointment only to find out our third baby had died in utero, four months along. It was a shock and a long road to recovery, so when I found out we were blessed this past January to be pregnant again I was elated and terrified. I did not allow myself to plan or prepare until around 30 weeks "just in case." I vividly remember at 30 weeks, my husband and I making the trip to babies r us to shop for our baby (the sex was unknown at the time because we LOVE surprises) I stopped in the store and began sobbing, my husband asked me what was wrong, and I said "We made it." This baby made it and is going to be ok. I was so scared of losing another baby that I could hardly believe this child was only 8 weeks away from being in our arms. Then, at 33 weeks what was meant to be another routine check up, an ultrasound showed something was wrong with our babies heart. She kept the probe over our babies beating heart for all to long that I knew and my stomach dropped. This is where it all began...."

Read more of their story HERE

Most of you know that the whole point of Give a Blessing to is encourage and bless another in a Christ glorifying manner. It will be different for all of us.

If this blog post is crossing your eyes...there is a reason and God wants to use you!!
PLEASE pray, be still and seek the Lords will!!

Now this isn't all about making a donation. Yes, we would love the Lord to provide for this family financially through all of you, BUT our main purpose is PRAYER!!

PRAY for sweet little Paxton and his family! Pray for them daily! Pray for them every single time the Lord places them on your mind! Prayer is powerful and God is so faithful!!

For current updates, please visit their blog HERE

My heart aches for Paxton's Mommy, Jen right now and she really needs all of us to send her a word of encouragement! Let her know how many prayer warriors are out there for her son and family! Let her know that God has this in His mighty hand and share the scripture that God places on your heart!!

We love all of you! May God use you mightily today!!
Praising God for the hands and feet of His church!

Much love~


Carrie said...

loving this lil guy's name! praying for the west family!!!

American History said...
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Divine Mrs D said...

Sending many prayers to Paxton and his family :)