Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Too Cute...Tuesday! ~Interupted.

We interrupt this Too Cute...Tuesday to give you some updates on what is going on here behind the scenes!! As we round up and finish off some things, we have yet much more that we are working on. Whew...really more irons in the fire than what I would like, but I keep telling myself that this is where the Lord has placed us TODAY. No worries, it will all fall into place as it always does!

First and foremost, ALL Christmas Cart orders have been sent out as of last week! We have one international order that we still need to receive SH and one domestic order that we still haven't received a scripture patch confirmation. Those are the only two pending orders from the Cart. If you haven't received your order, PLEASE contact us so we can run the tracking number now so we can locate your package. If you are one of the two orders above, please contact us asap! We've tried several times to email, but maybe it is going to your spam folder...let us know! =)

Next on the list are those orders placed Sept. 25th. You all got put in the line-up behind the Christmas cart. Some have shipped. We have 35 yet to go. This is a combination of orders and giveaway dolls. Lori has 10 that are sewn and ready to be finished, and another 15 that she is working on this week. I have 10 doll orders/giveaways to cut yet, then will go to Lori to be sewn after the bunch she has now. Then we are done for the year. Did all that make sense?? ;) Bottom line is...they will all ship by the end of November, so no worries for Christmas, but I apologize that is has been longer than the original mention of six weeks when you placed the order. We truly are moving forward as quickly as we can while keeping our focus where it needs to be...God first, family second.

Orders for 2010...Thank you - Thank you for all of you who have confirmed your scripture patches already! Most have been already printed and placed with your order to be cut. The new WORD for WORD personalization method, has cut our back and forth time down tremendously!! Thank you! I know Laura thanks you as well!! We haven't quite tacked down the number system we are going to use yet, with everything going on...but we will be in touch with that in December so you know exactly where your order is in the line up. I can mention however that we have around sixty orders in house. So if you would place an order today, would put your shipment mid to late February.

Things that are coming:
~We have Christmas in the Village, here in New Knoxville on Saturday (more on that tomorrow)
~The dolls for this months Give a Blessing Giveaway, will be pictured next week...along with a wonderful donation for a second place winner!!
~More stocking stuffer items will be available starting next week!!

Well, I better get going!! We have a sweet woman stopping by this morning for a doll outfit sewing lesson! I'm so excited!!

Please continue to pray for Baby be Blessed! It has been an awesome and sometimes hard journey...but God is so good and faithful! I praise Him for these times of growth! We will continue to move forward in His leading, praying that He would use us for His wonderful work!!

Much love everyone!!


Divine Mrs D said...

That is all wonderful news!! I think I confirmed all of my scripture patches. There was one that I didn't receive and it was for a doll that I ordered around September 25th...

God bless! I know He's helping you through all of this. :)

Daughter of the King said...

Thank Y'ALL for all you are doing to bless in so many ways! Praying God continues to meet every need as you continue to bless others in His name!