Friday, November 30, 2012

Truth is.... {Yay Free Friday!}

Congratulations to the winners!

Jennis from This Grace Life and Shavahn Seelig each one a FREE copy of Truth in the Tinsel!  YAHOO!  --AND-- Kristin from Above All I Could Ask or won the FREE personalized Baby be Blessed doll! 

Could you each email me at to claim your prizes?  {Thank You!}


...I {LOVE} Advent calendars!! 

And I'm so very excited today because I feel very blessed to share an e-book called--

YAY!!  (and insert a Kolton -YEEOW)

Amanda from Oh Amanda and Impress your Kids contacted me last year to do a ebook review but due to a busy doll deadline I missed the window to write a blog post for her.  I kept her email in my inbox for a FULL YEAR and recently reconnected with her because this book is simply a MUST SHARE!!

Finding an advent for little ones is hard!  Especially one that teaches from the scriptures directly and on a level that young children can relate to and understand!  Amanda had this very same issue and created this wonderful ebook!  I love it and know you will too!!

{click on the photo to purchase this ebook for only $7.99 --worth EVERY penny!}

I have really enjoyed reading this book and look forward to soaking in the CHRISTmas story for the whole month of December!  Our time is precious, so why not spend our time doing an advent that is full of deep meaning!! 
One of the things that I love the most is that you read scripture directly from the bible!  Amanda was so clever to include daily "clues" (in paper chain word or picture form) that the children open up and look at first.  Then as you read your daily scripture passage they are to listen for the "clue" and let you know when they hear it! 
Isn't that a great way to help them pay attention?! 

Along with the daily scripture the book includes printables and templates to make an ornament craft along with extra conversation points and extension activities!  And might I mention that I have made a lot of Christmas crafts in my day...but Amanda has included some CUTE new ideas that I can't wait share with my kids! 

Something new that she added this year is the downloadable ornaments!

Use these on days you’re too busy to do a big craft, for toddlers, while you’re at Grandma’s or if you just want to save a little money on supplies!  {click on the photo to purchase them for only $3.99)


This is the perfect book for kids of any age–from preschool to elementary and I plan on going through it with all four of my children (age 5-13) --I'll let you know how the 13yr old does!  ha!

...and if I could mention just one more thing that caught my eye? 

The Truth in the Tinsel Church Curriculum!  As a Jr. Church teacher I am always keeping my eyes open for a Biblical curriculum to use around Christmas and I was SUPER EXCITED to see this available!

Church Curriculum
(copied from

Are you a children’s director? children’s pastor? small group leader? Sunday school teacher? MOPS group leader? in-charge-of-kids-person at your church?

Would you like to partner with your parents this Christmas? Help them lead their kids to understanding God’s greatest gift?

The Truth in the Tinsel curriculum is here! It’s a four week study perfect for children’s churches, backyard Bible clubs, small group environments and more.

Truth in the Tinsel Church Curriculum

Each week, you will use the following segments to lead kids to find the truth in the tinsel:

Theme Intro: short segment to introduce your main point
Bible Verse: high energy activity that helps kids memorize God’s Word
Bible Story: a creative storytelling technique to teach the real Christmas story
Application: a simple object lesson to help your kids apply God’s Word
Small Group: discussion questions, a prayer prompt and a group activity {including printable “cheat sheets” for your leaders!}
Extras: Christmas movie clip ideas, extension activities and coordinating days to Truth in the Tinsel

{click on the photo to purchase the Church Curriculum today for $49.99}

So have you been looking for something new or maybe an advent that might be a better fit for your family?  Look no further!  YAY!

--This week we are giving away {TWO} free copies of Truth in the Tinsel and as always a FREE personalized doll from Baby be Blessed! 

...and if you can't wait and want to purchase Truth in the Tinsel today, simply click on the photo of choice above and bless your children {or maybe a friend?} with this precious gift!!

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Flashback Thursday!

A flashback to a basket of dolls from 2008!
These are the "classics"

--But one thing that hasn't changed...each and
every doll still has God's Word sewn to it's belly! 

And they always will,
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Year of Cuteness --Right before your very own eyes!

{Too Cute Tuesday!}

Hi there! I used your lamb to track my son's growth his first year.
I thought you might want to see the collage I made :) Notice how big the lamb looks at 1 month and how tiny it looks at 12! 
 ~Kristin M.

I LOVE this idea!  And remember THIS POST?  Makes his little lamb a keepsake even more!!
Such a handsome boy!  Keep the photo's coming, Kristin!
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--Do you have a photo you would like to share on Too Cute Tuesday?  Please email them to (photo must include a BbB doll)   Yay! THANK YOU!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Oh Yeah...the winner!

Is your belly full of all things good?

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  Ours did not go as planned.  Kiddo's + Flu bug = no Thanksgiving turkey...but we did have a wonderful day together and that's all that matters!

The Winner of our BbB CHRISTmas dress giveaway was comment #6 -Joy!   Please email your address to!  Congratulations!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

For this I am thankful....YOU! {Giveaway}

Choosing to  live with an attitude of gratitude is life changing!  My heart is being stirred  up more and more concerning praise to God in ALL circumstances! 

 Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and what better time to sit down with all my kiddo's and write down all the praises on our heart!  I personally have had a gratitude journal for almost two years now and through learning and living out thankfulness really is important to me to teach my children to live a life of praise as well!   

I printed out these little "For this I am thankful" cards on card stock and stitched a bit of rick rack across the bottom {for just a bit of extra colorful fun}.  Once we write them full, I plan on hanging them around the house for a while and definitely will tuck them inside their scrapbooks so we can always look back and remember!
Today I am giving away one of our Baby be Blessed CHRISTmas dresses! 

To ENTER:  Simply leave a comment below letting us know something you are thankful for!

...and I'm thankful for -YOU!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Too Cute...Tuesday!

Our Baby Be Blessed doll traveled all the way across the world and back and we've been home 7 months now. I'm finally getting around to sending you a photo.

BBB was part of our Gotcha Day. I'm sure it was one of the few dolls our Kylie had ever seen.

God bless!!
Sandra D. Taylor
Please visit my blog at

{LOVE} it!  Kylie is precious!  Praising God that her BbB doll is a part of her life story! ~Thank you!

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--Do you have a photo you would like to share on Too Cute Tues?  Please email it to  {Photo must include a BbB doll}  YAY!!  So excited to see them!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Yay...Free Friday!

If anyone knows my Kolton, they have heard him yell --YEEEOW!
And that is what comes to mind today for Yay Free Friday!! 

Kristy from Lily Kateri has offered to partner up with us this week and I'm so excited to introduce her shop to you!  I'm in {LOVE} with her beautiful headbands and clips!  They are so festive! 

And did you know...Sparkle is one of my favorite colors?!  =) 

She also offers some BEAUTIFUL prints with scripture that I know you will love as much as I do! 

Go check out her site because today she is offering one of you *ONE FREE ITEM OF YOUR CHOICE* from her store!  That's right!  One free item....anything you choose!

Can I get another --YEEEOW! 

Also...{as always, hope you never grow weary of them} we are offering a $61 Baby be Blessed Gift Voucher as well!  Choose and personalize any style of doll you wish!

YAY!!  Are you as excited as I am?? 

Hope you have a beautiful weekend! 
May it be FULL of BLESSINGS!!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012


Coffee is one of my favorite things and nothing goes along better with a good cup of coffee than a pretty mug to pour it in. 

Well maybe something warm, chocolate and gooey -but anyway...

Throughout the next couple of months I will be sprinkling a few of my favorite things here on the blog for all of you lovely yous!

...Just as a thank you.

I love the Life Collection from DaySpring!

This beautiful ceramic mug reads: 
"I have come that they might have Life, and have it to the full."  John 10:10 NIV

I chose this mug because it's what the Lord has been pressing on my heart lately.  It's easy to just have a head knowledge of Christ -but to live in a full HEART knowledge of Christ is completely different.  It's life changing...

So as God keeps working and cultivating our hearts...I lift up my steaming mug to yours --CHEERS!

May we be reminded today of His promises!

Simply leave a comment below and I will randomly choose a winner later this evening.  -Thank you!

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--Winner is Comment #5, Stephanie! 
Stephanie, please email at .  In trying to contact you  I veiwed your profile, which led me to your blog.  We would {LOVE} to make Haven a doll if she doesn't have one already.... You are LOVED!!

*This item will be purchased and shipped directly to the winner.  A gift from me to you...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Too Cute...Tuesday!

Angeleana is having a tea party with her dolls tonight and I caught a picture of her saying
 the prayer. :) It is not good resolution. Thought you would enjoy it though.  ~Shawna

I {LOVE} it!  Too precious for words! 
Angeleana goes to our fellowship and is one of Kolton's BFF's!!
Thanks for emailing me this photo, Shawna!  --love you, Angeleana!--

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Whoba who?

How great are these?  Kolton and I did a little CHRISTmas shopping Friday morning and visited some local antique stores.  I {LOVED} these headbands!  How fun are they!  I think Betty Lou Who would approve!
Didn't buy one...but watcha think?  Could I pull one of these off our holiday whobilation? 

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Free Friday -Giveaway!!

Sugar Cookies are my cookie of choice for the Holiday's!  Mostly because that is one of the only {really good} recipe's that I have.  My family wasn't really into cookie making... Keith's family however, his Grandmother...the one who taught me how to roll out the dough  bakes a variety of yummy cookies each year!  It's her sugar cookie recipe that I use every single year along with peanut blossoms and tea cookies. 

A friend came over to visit yesterday and I'm thinking about maybe having a cookie swap.  I still need to look up all the details...but I love to fellowship, drink coffee and of course eat some YUMMY COOKIES, so a cookie swap is right up my alley!  It just sounds so delicious!!

Since I have GingerBabies on the brain I thought that I might try to make some Gingerbread Cookies this year {insert my kids squeal of delight}.  They are excited to add all the fancy fixins'.  So I'm on the hunt for a good recipe.  If I take the time to make something...I want it to be GOOD!  =)

So with cookies on the brain {and per your FB request} this week on Yay...Free Friday we are giving away one of our Baby be Blessed, Gingerbabies!!

I hope to take some time this weekend to sneak in a few more finished on the website.  They are a joy to make!  Turn on the Christmas music!!

...and one more quick note!  If you have a small business or an etsy shop and would like to be included in some of our Yay Free Friday Giveaways over the holiday's, please email me at .  It would be a lovely way to promote your business and spoil our readers at the same time!! 

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

YOU VOTED! -GingerBaby Winner...

Oh, YOU!! 
We need to sit and talk here more often! 

It was {kinda} fun for this {non-number} kinda girl to sit down and run through all your votes this afternoon!  I had some help from my son, Tristin **YAY** going through all your entries to tally everything up.

And wasn't every single picture GREAT?!   -YES!

The winner of our GingerBaby is #19!! Whoop Whoop!!

It was a CLOSE race!  Number 23 and 34 was tight on her heels!

This was SO MUCH FUN!  And with our Holiday Season warming up...we will be having some special giveaways that will only be mentioned here on the blog. (wink) So make sure you visit us regular over these next couple months!  So excited!!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"VOTE" for your Favorite Photo!

Yesterday on facebook, we had a "Contest for the coolest picture of your 'I Voted' sticker"! 

I loved them all so much that I'm asking YOU to cast your vote for the one you like the best! 
Please vote by leaving your TOP THREE VOTES in the comment boxYou can only vote once, but please share with your family and friends!!  Rally up as many votes as you can!!   

Winner will be chosen tomorrow and will receive a Baby be Blessed GingerBaby!!


(ps...and yes I did notice I missed #5.  I guess with the numerous interruptions while trying to blog this post I forgot how to count and by this point I say, oh whatever!   haha!!)

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Too Cute...Tuesday!

Attached is a picture of our beautiful MeiLeigh Katherine with the Baby Be Blessed doll we bought to celebrate our August 29, 2011 referral... Every day "be" blessed with our baby girl!  ~Kim M.

Oh, Kim!  MeiLeigh is simply darling!  What a beautiful gift God has entrusted to you!!

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...and if  one of you beautiful yous have a picture of your Baby be Blessed doll, squeezed in love or at the playground on the swings, YOU MUST SHARE!  Please email it to .    We can't wait to see them!!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Yummy Goodness!

Lola has been glued to my side excited this weekend!

Saturday we headed to the craft store and loaded up with some delightful fixins' to work on a special project!  We cut and snipped. Sewed and stuffed the yummiest dolls just for you!

Oh, I just adore how they turned out.  Lola couldn't wait until the first one was finished so she could give the first hug!  I'm so very excited to introduce to you the newest member of our Baby be Blessed family this holiday season... 

"Taste and see that the Lord is good."  Psalm 34:8

You can find Baby be Blessed GingerBabies for a limited time over the CHRISTmas season HERE~
I hope you {LOVE} them as much as we do!

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Friday, November 2, 2012


Liz from eDiaperCakes emailed me a few weeks ago and asked if we could take a look at their cute diaper cakes and mention them to all of you.  Well I must say they are simply the cutest! 

I asked if we could include them in our giveaway and she said, YES!

Aren't they darling? 

So this week not only can you enter to win a $61 Gift Voucher from Baby be Blessed but you are also in the running for a $25 Gift Certificate from eDiaperCakes!!


Enter to win below by entering either your facebook or email information.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Again and again...

It was in the early morning hours. 
I heard the familiar creek of the old wooden floors. 
Footsteps to our bedroom door. 

"Mommy" Kolton whispers. 

"What wrong babe?" I whisper back.

"I messed up again." He walks into my outstretched arms.

Kolton, the last of our four.  My baby, now FIVE!  The only one who wouldn't take a fooler but only the edge of a silk and two small fingers in the mouth.  His comfort.

I pull him close.  "What did you mess up?"

"I sucked on my fingers"  He tucks his head in to my chest.

My heart ached for him.  He really is trying.  I know this feeling all too well.  How we fall into well-worn paths of comfort that we really are now too big for.  We should have pulled out of this rutted path by now...but we still tend to circle round and round.  It's what we've known.  Patterns of what was. 

I stroke his hair.  I pull his chin up to mine, tell him that it is try again. 

Through just enough light shining through the window, I see him smile. 

I whisper it soft into his ear.  "I love you, Kolton..."

"I wub you too, Mommy"

Footsteps run across the creaky old floors and hop back into bed.
Kolton age 2
This morning my devotional scripture:

But from there you will search again for the Lord your God. And if you search for him with all your heart and soul, you will find him. ~ Deuteronomy 4:29, NLT

From right where we any rutted worn path.  If we search for the Lord our God.  If we search for Him with all our heart and soul.  If we have to run to him over and over and tell Him we messed up -again.  We will find Him and His arms will be open wide!  He will pull us close.  Ask us to try again and always whisper I love you........

It's a promise.

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