Thursday, February 17, 2011

Living Proverbs 22:6

I just love it when you find Jesus in simple moments!

Last Saturday I set out all the ingredients! Too many years have passed that time wasn't taken to roll and stamp out the hearts for Valentines day. This year...I'm learning to slow...learning to "live fully in the now". Choosing to hold on to those traditions almost lost!

Eyes sparkle and excitement fills the room. Little hands begging to dig in!!

More hands takes more time. More patience. Two things I have lacked but strive to grab hold of once again. Why you ask? I've just chosen to make the cookies myself. Not every time...but most of the time. Either the kids are were at school or sound asleep in bed because I wanted to get it done quick! Checked off the list. Oh, and of course they had to look really good. You can't give away messy looking cookies! I'm leaking all my self issues! =)

We mix. My Lola reads from the card written by the hand of whom she is named after. A recipe handed down. The same hand who taught me how to roll out the dough. It's a skill that must be learned.

I smile remembering how Grandma stood with me at the table that day. Patient. She taught how to roll out dough on the hide away cutting board from under her counter. Letting the rolling pin glide across the dough. Years had passed since I had married her Grandson. Maybe she prayed over my lack of skills....haha! But I do remember that sweet moment! One of many that I cherish. A simple rolling out of the dough!

And now its my turn to teach just like I was taught. I explain the process. Rolling it this way and that, flipping and flouring. I show Lola how to keep her heart cutter dusted and she takes the lead. Determined she stamps away! Taking the spatula and scooping them up to the cookie sheet for baking. Overlapping hearts and snipping edges. She smiles big! I smile back. I fight the urge for them to look perfect. I see the joy and accomplishment in her spirit. I remember the why of what we are doing. I smile and praise her beautiful work. I relax. They are beautiful!

(Kolton not too thrilled with the idea of Lola's turn first! =)
Next round -Finally!! Three year old fingers so fast at work! I hardly could capture the moment because the blurr of speed. Dough hearts crumpled and stacked and he moved to repeat what he just saw his sister do. He smiles up at me. "Kolton's turn!" Yes! My heart so filled with joy!

My sweet Natalie stands now with me. 10 years old and I watch her work. She was watching me with the other two. She did the same things that I had shown...didn't need for me to tell her. She floured the surface and flipped the dough. Grandma would be so proud! She rolls this way and that...dusts her cookie cutter. She watches me. Seeks my approval.( Maybe she saw through my smile with Lola... fighting the urge to fix). "How's this?, Did I do it right?" "Do they look okay" I see myself in her. I stroke her beautiful long brown hair. Those blue eyes shine! Perfection!!

I stand and look at all the hearts baked.

All sizes and shapes...some pieced together, some cracked and my heart rejoices!

The Lord teaches!

As I looked at all those hearts the Lord reminded me that He just wants us how we are! We are still in the learning process. We still may fight old habits and urges to fix...but He wants us to come to Him. We are cracked and messy. But that's okay. When He looks He sees beauty! Joy! Perfection! All He desires is for us to submit our imperfect hearts to Him!

Isn't it wonderful! Beautiful grace?!

We had so much fun! The crumbs, pink icing, smiles, and sprinkles were everywhere!

A memory was made. Tradition kept.

Living fully on a Saturday afternoon taught me much...and Jesus teaches and loves on us through everything, even cookies!

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Divine Mrs D said...

I love it!

It is definitely still something I fight. But I know that I am broken and messy and that's okay.

Accept that you're accepted.

Carrie said...

i knew you & i were a lot alike :)