Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The questions answered!

Lately the sky has been celebrating at dawn and dusk! The beauty! God marking the sky with His wonder!

I love it and praise God for drawing my eye out the window for His praise!

This has NOTHING to do with this post...but I guess I just had to share my quiet moment with you!! =)

So this afternoon I thought I would take a quick minute to answer the questions you left for us last week.

I'm a curious I thought maybe you were curious about a few things too! Loved reading through all your questions!

Here are the answers!

1. How many dolls do you think you've made?

-To be honest...I really haven't kept track of how many dolls we have made over
the past few years. But in starting to work through tax numbers I know that we have made over 1000 dolls in 2010 alone.

When I think of all those dolls...I think of God tossing up a handful of seed. It drops and scatters everywhere! He has done the same with these dolls. Scattered all over the world and I ask that you would pray along with me. That those seeds of Truth would take root and grow strong in Him!

Are you still going to do Give A Blessing every other month?
Yes! We are still doing Give a Blessing! We plan for every
other month...but really desire that God would choose each
person/family/organization that we are to support. Sometimes this falls in
our timing of every other month...but when He has not clearly shown us who -we
wait on Him and trust in His choice and His timing.

Do any of you work outside the home?

Yep! Denise, who sews all the scripture animals works full time outside
the home. My sister Michelle works full time. She sews/stuffs all
the arms and legs for the dolls. Lori sews the dolls and though she
doesn't work outside of the home, has the wonderful privilege of homeschooling her daughter, Naomi. Laura is blessed to stay home with their three wonderful children and I also am able to stay home with my four children while still providing daycare part time after school.

There you have it! =)

Do you have a storefront? If so where?

Nope. We do not have a storefront. It's more of a homefront! All the dolls
scattered around my house! HA!

How did you get started? Where did the idea come from?

I've always been "crafty" always needing to have my hands busy with a
project. I started making primitive dolls in 2003 and then dolls for
children in 2007. While standing in my laundry room I held a doll and the
Lord simply pressed upon my heart to use the gifts He has given to me -back to
Him. To glorify Him and spread His word. That is when I started
putting scripture on all of our dolls. In 2008 Baby be Blessed came to

How do you select Give a Blessing families?

We select our families through people nominating them. Also in the past
the Lord just allowed us to cross paths with their blog or a prayer request that
led to them being chosen for Give a Blessing. As I mentioned before, we
really seek out God's will for each person selected.

How did "your girls" start sewing for you?

It was simply a TOTAL God thing! I should write a post about each of
my beautiful girls and how God brought them along side me. He is awesome
and faithful to provide every need!

Why such a long lead time? Can you hire more people sew?

Our lead time is based off of how many orders we have in house. We
have groupings of on average 10 dolls and animals per week. Animals will
vary but the dolls have been steady. Baby be Blessed falls behind keeping
God first and then our families second.

As far as hiring more people...I desire the Lord to direct that. He
has brought people to help us in times of need and then has taken them away when
that season was over. I trust in His will for Baby be Blessed.

When are more finished items going to be ready?

Finished items come second to the orders we have in house. There are weeks
that I am able to work on items but it always comes in between other things.

Have any tips for cleaning marker (possibly permanent) off of the scripture patch?
That's a tough one! Permanent markers are "trouble" around my house
as well. I've had to hide them all because they end up in little
hands. I really don't know of anything that takes it out. If anyone
has tried something...please let us know!

Do you hire SAHM to help sew the dolls?
Three of us are SAHM's as mentioned above and I have received lovely
emails offering their sewing services! Thank you so
much! It really works best (from past experience) that all my
girls live close. We all have sat around my kitchen
table...machines lined up and learn together!

How did you and the "Chapmans'" become linked together, and then create "Maria's" memory princesses?

Again, this is simply a God thing. We offered to make Treasure a Memory dolls in
2008 after Maria went home to be with Jesus and our relationship has simply
grown from there. They love the Lord and we have been blessed and give God the
glory for the dolls we made for them. Again, I just look at it as another vessel
for God to work through to spread His word.

Which was the original first doll and what was the first scripture used?

I just posted this not too long it was easy to find! You can
read about it here. The verse read:"For I know the plans I have for you." Declares the Lord. "plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Fitting right?!

Thanks SO MUCH for all your wonderful questions!

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Amy said...

how fun to learn more about BBB! what a neat testimony of God's perfect plans....even for "business!" ;) thanks for sharing! btw, we LOVE our bbb doll!!