Friday, February 18, 2011

Yay...Free Friday!

A few weeks ago, I entered into a DaySpring giveaway.

I rarely EVER enter into giveaways. I don't know why...but I feel guilty when I enter.

Any psychological explanations for that?? =)

But I really thought, why not? One of the items was a copy of Ann Voskamps, One Thousand Gifts!

I had already read her book and was planning on giving a copy away for Yay...Free Friday so I thought that if the Lord would bless me to win I would give it away.

And guess what?! I won! Can you believe it?? The one who never enters or wins anything!! I was so excited and feel very privileged to give this copy away.

Because it's just not any copy.

It's a signed copy!

Isn't that awesome!! I must say that this book has really opened my eyes to what God would have me see...His blessings all around me. His desire for me to live joyfully now...right where he has me placed. His desire for me to worship Him through thanksgiving. Eucharisteo!

Thanksgiving and praise is splattered all over the Bible. How many times did my eyes pass over words that my heart did not feel?? (sigh) But He knows and He is always teaching. Always loving on us! Pouring Grace!

This is just not a simple read. It is plum packed full of goodness to savor over! A journey of a beautiful woman searching, struggling for this wonderful thing called joy....and she finds it! And once you find it, you simply must share it with others! It's a choice. A choice to give God praise in EVERY situation and place -even in the hard.

I am typing this blog post after an insane morning of getting the kids off to school. We follow the same routine every morning. Why do some mornings go so crazy?? And then why do I go so crazy? It's stopping. Getting a grip. Taking a (deep) breath. And then praise!

Praising God opens the blessing -the joy!
Here were some of my thoughts. (literally just moments ago!)

Thank you for all these children.
Thank You for Natalie finding her lost lunch box.
Thank You for brushing rats and fixing hair.
Thank You for having to constantly ask if the teeth have been brushed
Thank You for the bickering
Thank You when papers are lost
Thank You for not knowing if it is crazy sock day at school or not. Just pack extra socks.
Thank You for the stray dog running in our yard.
Thank You for the mud that is all over my shoes from trying to catch OUR dogs from running.
Thank You for being able....
Thank You for shoes to be tied
Thank You for the "Have a great day!"
Thank You for a smiling Mama as they leave the door instead of a yelling ranting lunatic.
Thank You for healthy bodies able to go to school
Thank You for the sunshine this morning
Thank You for allowing me to be home and embrace this madness!

Do you see how my thoughts changed? I absolutely DID NOT feel like giving any sort of praise when I'm biting my lip at them. But I choose to. And then the praise turns to joy. The high wave of frustration calms. I praise. I am joyful!

So I dare each of you! Start counting your blessings. Literally write them down one by one! I'm on #469! My journal always out.

Have any of you read the book?
Are you following along with the (in)courage Book Club?
Give us your thoughts in the comments (under the linky)!
Lets share and encourage each other!

...and if this ever crosses sweet Ann's eyes, Thank you for sharing your journey with us. God used you to increase my praise to Him -forever! ~Tina


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Have a wonderful weekend!!
As always, I'll be back to announce the winner on Monday!

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