Thursday, February 3, 2011

Living Proverbs 22:6

I'm sitting in the quiet. Nothing but the crackle of the fire. Peace. Beauty in this single moment -flames flickering and cup of coffee, steaming! I picked up my Bible that has been dusting for two days on the shelf. I pick it up and open once again, reading about the life and heart of David. Oh this precious time needed -time spent in Him! I look out the window and the morning sky is blazing pink. Sun about to burst through over the horizon. I cherish moments like these.

Where have they gone over the past few days?

Ah, yes I remember. The dishes, laundry, early morning shuffle of little feet. Too often life just busy! We are starting our third day at home. Snowed in. Lots of bodies under one roof. Lots of noise and toys and stuff scattered everywhere. My mind feeling scattered everywhere...needing quiet. Needing Him!

Thank you Lord for your refilling!

I'm praying over all of you this morning. Maybe your week has been like mine, where quiet moments are hard to be found. I pray for your moment! Be looking for it -embrace it!!

And when you find it....Dust off those Bibles and wrap yourself up in Him!

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