Monday, November 23, 2009

Paxton David...

We are way over due for an update on our little Paxton! He had surgery on is a little bit from his mommy, Jen:

He did amazing through surgery. Here is his post op picture for those who haven't seen it. As I have said before and I will say it again, I post these pictures so you all can really see just how amazingly brave and strong our son is. No baby should ever have to endure all that he has, but Paxton does it with a grace that brings me to tears. I should also note that this is the FIRST picture of Paxton with zero tubes on his face since the day he was born two months ago. How beautiful to see his entire gorgeous face!

I encourage you to visit their blog to keep up to date on little Paxton...and please continue to PRAY!!

We want to praise God for all of you who have donated to this family! We have reached the half way mark..YAY!!!! I want to apologize for not having the giveaway dolls pictured yet on the site! This week, I PROMISE! For every dollar you donate you will receive a chance to win a Baby be Blessed twin boy/girl doll set with some extra goodies!! AND...we have a wonderful donation for a second place winner as well!! Check it out HERE!!

Hmmmm....we love to give back to all of you who give, so today through Sunday (the 30th) if any of you donate $20 or more we will be sending you a little something!

But what should that something be??!! Any ideas?? Let us know what you might be interested in... a free crown or doll accessory?? Maybe a coupon or something of that nature?

Let us know your ideas under this post!!
I love to get the creative juices flowing!!

Much love~Tina

ps...Don't forget to forward your chip in to us!! Not only will you get a freebie for donating $20 or more, but you'll also get your name in for the giveaway's!!


Divine Mrs D said...

A coupon!! I like the idea of a coupon.

(And thank you for all you do!!)

Divine Mrs D said...

Oh! Oh! And I got my doll from the last drawing and SHE IS ADORABLE!!! I know that my Bezuayehu will LOVE it!