Thursday, March 18, 2010

Same kind of different as me...

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It's really hard to put into words what I have carried away from this book. To be honest, it is so much that I'm still trying to process and ponder the wisdom and life lessons that Ron and Denver share.

You know...God really used it to bring a lot of ugliness about myself to the surface. Things that I didn't either realize or simply was ignoring about myself.

We live in a very small town. It's actually considered a village. We have one gas station which is also our little grocery, one restaurant, one bank, one school which holds K-12, a car lot, and one stop light. They all run down the middle of town on Main street. It's really simple around here. It's clean. People pretty much know everyone or at least know where you belong. We simply don't have a homeless issue and everything that a larger city would have.

So once I really thought about it, I realized how very quick I was to judge...

People standing along interstate with a sign. My mind would think "Go down to Walmart and get a job!" I wanted to hand them an employment application instead of offering them a "blessing" as Ron mentioned above. They were a people on a much lower status and they didn't care...they just kept on without wanting to better themselves. That honestly is what I secretly thought. It's embarrassing to even admit that. Talk about snooty patooty and pridefully too big for her britches! Yikes!! Of course you've got to keep your loving Christian appearance by helping where you can and making donations.

I love Mr. Ron's honesty about his dealing with these same emotions! But, oh the heart of his wife Deborah! I love her heart and I love her relationship with the Lord. How open and obedient she was and how the Lord poured out the blessings...just not in the manner you'd expect.

Now, I don't want to ruin the book for those of you who haven't read it, so I'm not going to go into many details.

But that Denver....

The wisdom that the Lord has given him will trickle down to all those who read or listen to his words. Seeing and hearing life from his perspective puts truth and a Christlike view into my perspective. There is a big difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge. I know do not judge and love your neighbor...but yet that is what I did so quickly. It's the constant struggle of our flesh. Thinking we know and can rightfully judge. I am so glad that the video above gives the example of the $20 the woman gave to the homeless man. I probably would not have given it before because I would think I'd rather give him food directly instead of money that I know he will spend on sinful pleasures. But Denver has changed my view on that. We need to keep our heart pure in our giving. God knows our hearts and He knows theirs. I constantly remind myself of Romans 8:28 "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose". That is a promise and we need to stand firm in that!!

This all goes so much deeper than just how I look at the homeless now. It has changed the way I desire to take things under my quick control because I feel I know what is best. Want to know a secret?? I don't know nothin'!! And I LOVE admitting that! The book has also changed how I view people. People all around me. Those people who are "different" than me. Well, that's why I love the title...because we are really the same kind of different! We are all just broken people. I praise God for sending His son to come and fix those who want fixed and I believe He is using this book all over the world to bring some light to what still needs some mending and moulding.

It is a daily battle of the flesh. Even as believers we have to fight that sin nature we were born into. But there is victory in Christ. If we can truly love someone as Christ loves and truly move as Christ wants us to! Sometimes God uses a simple life story to speak to our hearts. Man, He used this one in mine. I praise God that Ron and Denver were so honest and open so that we all can acknowledge week spots in our character. I praise God for Deborah and her heart. What an example she sets for me.

Have any of you read the book? Would you share your thoughts?? Even if you haven't...what to do think? We all struggle with the same sins...let's talk about them! =)

Tomorrow, we will be giving away the free copy of the second book "What difference do it make?" that Thomas Nelson gave us, and I'm thinking maybe...just maybe...a couple more than that! =)

Have a wonderful day!
Much love~Tina


scbride said...

I haven't read the book yet, but I have it reserved at my local library. They had two copies on-site, but both are checked out. Other locations had more copies, but those were out as well. It seems to be very popular.

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The MacDonald Family said...

just bought the book (the first one) and am so excited to start reading it tonight!