Baby be Blessed Is simply the answer of a laundry room prayer.
My hearts desire is the same today as it was years ago as I stood next to a load of whites --To spread the word of God…one doll at a time! Only through His Grace we have grown over the years through giving and word of mouth. And as we continue to grow in faith {sprinkled on top with doll adventures} we want other bloggers and business owners to benefit through what God has given to us. 

After offering an Ad Program for about six months (with no applications) I got the heavy hint that maybe that wasn't what God wanted to do.  =)  

With that said, we will simply offer FREE 250x250 advertising slots on our blog.    
I’m so very excited to work with new friends who are a great fit for Baby be Blessed.  Please understand that I will continue to review all requests and check out each shop/blog to make sure we are a good match.  We desire to give you the best support in advertisement we can!

To apply, please send your 250x250 button and links to 
May God just do His thing!  xoxo 

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