Thursday, August 7, 2008

Give me your questions!!

Give me all your questions!!
I want to get my BbB FAQ page set up and would like to know....what do YOU want to know?! What questions would you like to have answered about BbB, Give a Blessing, or personal?
Ask away!!


michele walker said...

Hi. WE LOVE THIS CAT DOLL PICTURE - WHEN will you be taking more orders?? Thanks - LOVE YOUR WORK! Michele Walker

Diane said...

Hi...I'm new to your blog and web site, and I love your dolls! While my baby girls are grown with children of their own, I do have 3 beautiful granddaughters, and 1 handsome grandson. I'm planning to get them one of your dolls. I was wondering...if I special order, can I send you a picture of the kids and you make the doll as similar to them as you can?
Thanks! Diane Dorrough