Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So what's goin' on this week?!

So what's going on around the BbB homestead?
Lot's as usual! =)
I just wanted to pop my head up this morning and give you all an update....

Hmmmm where to start. I guess we will start with our inventory. Many of you have been asking about finished and personalized is coming! It has taken me longer than expected to finish up some orders and loose ends from before the Holidays. This should not be a surprise as it seems to be just the "normal" way of things around here. I have big plans and ideas but they don't really ever go the way I expect them to. I read a devotional this morning that talks about our planning and making promises. We really don't know what this afternoon brings let alone tomorrow, so we shouldn't make promises that we realistically don't know if we can make. I know that the Lord is not telling me here that I shouldn't have a game plan in order and set goals, but let's get real...LORD WILLING finished and personalized items will be added by next week.

Give a Blessing...The Lord has not yet given us our next Give a Blessing recipient, so we will continue to support our little Carley through the month of January. I praise God for those of you who are praying and who have donated to this family. If you have a child or family on your heart for a future recipient, please contact us!

Fabrics and designs...Two new doll designs are coming! I gave you a sneak peek a couple posts back. I'm excited to bring them to life from paper into fabric! We also have new fabrics on order from the Moda line and lots of hearts already here for those Valentine goodies!

Website....New graphics for our website is underway! Our logos will stay the same, but we are going to brighten up our site a bit! I'm so excited about this!! I'm also going to work on the FAQ page a bit, so that will give you a little more information there. We will be slowly getting some fresh doll pictures in the gallery and want YOU to send us your photo's as well!! We love to share and it just such a blessing to put a face with a name! Throughout 2009, we will also be adding more pictures to the behind the scenes will be fun!

Blog...LORD WILLING, I would like to get in more of a routine with blogging again! As mentioned last month, I'll be posting my family blog for all the Thompson news and then you can continue to read all the BbB news here. I will be adding my twitter link back up on the side bar where we can share prayer requests and praises. Angie does this and I think it is so awesome! Also, we are pondering the thought on advertising here on the blog as well as the website. It will be an affordable way to spread the word about your blog or business. All of the money will go to our Give a Blessing recipient! If you are interested, please email me!

Giveaways...Our Yay Free Friday will start up again this Friday! To enter our giveaway each week, you must leave a comment under that post. You must re-enter each week and only enter once. On Monday's I will draw out the lucky winner!

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouraging words! We are excited to be in our second year here at Baby be Blessed! God is so awesome and amazing!!! I can't wait to see what work He has in store for us!


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Krystal said...

You girls are wonderful! Love the dolls!