Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Morning Ponderings....

How awesome it is, when we are feeling bottom of the good...that once again in His grace and faithfulness He brings us right back to a state of renewed spirit through the promises of His word! Through a kind and gentle hug in which we can only receive through Him! Through those "Yes Lord, I hear you...I feel you deep within my soul" moments. The world beats us down...tells us we are nothing. But in Christ we are something!
I've been reading another book lately (The Jesus Style, which is awesome!) so I've been away from my early morning 90 days with the one and only, Beth Moore study. It was His perfect timing that I picked it back up this morning. The first questioned asked was...What have been some of your "useless" responses lately...The first thing that popped into my mind was my self pity and overwhelming feeling of, "I am only one person". Feeling stretched to the limit really for the past six months, I am tired. I am feeling as I mentioned above...bottom of the barrel, exhausted, wasted, no good. Isn't that ministry? To feel the harsh not so understanding words of others. To hear that what your doing is not good enough. To hear people tell you that you are failing because you have ruined something special in their plans. To feel like quiting because the pressure of it all is too much to handle. To feel heart ache of kissing your babies goodnight and feeling that you've not spent any quality time with them that day. This is not what you in visioned your work to be... But let me tell you to keep going! Here are some key points that I wrote down from what I read this morning.
~It's not about what I can do, but what I can do in His name. Only through the strength of Christ can we do what we are fully called to do. We will be beat down and exhausted but the direction and love from our Lord will carry us through. Again, just being built on that strong foundation...the rock...and no storm can make us crumble to the ground. We might loose a few shutters, but those were shutters that were meant to blow away.
~Giving Him everything we have. When the disciples gave the five loaves and two fish they were giving everything they had to Him. Though they've seen many healing miracles they still couldn't wrap their mind around God's complete control in everything! And then that they carried those heavy baskets of bread to the feel the weight of the full baskets and to see the many hands reaching in...the bellies that were full...and then the blessings of the leftovers. If we give everything we have, He will bless and multiply it beyond our wildest dreams. This is on every aspect of our lives! It starts with giving it back...our thoughts, our time and energy, our money, our possessions...Oh how awesome to then watch how God will use it like he used the bread and the fish.
~Believing that He can make every provision! His way is so much better! Why do we try to make our own provision? If we wait on is perfect and oh, the blessings we will receive. I really think that we hinder ourselves from the full blessing we could receive because of self and our need to try and control.
~Think big!
"Think bigger, boys! For one day you'll see Me in My glory, then you'll say to me...We should have thought bigger". Beth Moore Contunually try to stand back and look at the grand picture of things. This is part of God's big plan...not our in the moment how I'm feeling plan.
These are just a smidge of my pondering thoughts this morning...and what a breath of fresh air truth gives to me. Going back to that strong foundation...knowing why I am making these dolls... IT IS TO PROCLAIM THE TRUTH OF JESUS CHRIST! Though many storms have raged through and I know that many more will come because that is the world we live in, I praise God for all things in my life. Back to the "I am only one person"...the Lord spoke to me when I read..."Christ can perform astounding wonders when we bring Him all we have. Matthew 14:17 records the disciples saying, "We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish." Christ responded, "Bring them here to me." Beloved, I want you to hear something loud and clear: no matter what your "only" is, when you bring all of your "only" to Jesus, it's huge!"

Jesus...I am only one person...but use me to the fullest...I give it all to you!


crown3 said...

Praise the Lord! Thank you, Tina, for sharing. Very good! I'm praying for you, girl. Keep going, you're doing a great job in His name.

Anonymous said...

Amen!! you have no idea how this uplifted me tonight! Thank You!

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!} said...

I'm sorry I didn't comment on this post sooner. I kept waiting for a good time to sit and really read it - not just skim through it. I knew what you had to say was important and worth my attention. What powerful words. You are definitely "proclaiming the truth of Jesus Christ!" Thank you!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

That was beautiful! I understand what you are saying. I have felt the same way as I stitched 24/7 to bring my daughter home. The pressure at times was unbearable. Thank you for sharing these inspiring words!

I pray that He gives your heart peace and rest during this trying time.


Cristina said...

I cant tell you how much I enjoyed this post! I feel exhausted all the time dealing with a 5 yr old, newborn and sick husband. Then I got mastitis on top of all that! Really, God?! I had to laugh when you said we might lose a few shutters. I feel like I am losing the roof and siding and flooring. Hmmm, does God want me to move? :-) Thanks for sharing your heart. I cant wait till you start selling your dolls again. What a blessing and neat ministry!