Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ruth...Online Bible Study!

Have you heard of the Bible Cafe for Women??
CLICK HERE to check it out!

I found this website through a friends blog and I fell in love! Isn't it awesome?! I just love the idea of women all over the world doing a bible study together!

We're running close to June 22nd, but you still have time to order your book. I signed up and ordered my book this morning. How about you? Will go through this study with us as well??

Hurry!! Go and sign up!
If you do, please let us know. We would love to share thoughts and keep in touch throughout the study!

Have fun and be blessed!!

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jleffel said...

I have always wanted to do a bibile study and may share this with a group of women from my church. I ordered the book and will see if I can commit to this. Thank you!