Monday, March 4, 2013

DAYs 1-3 {#31daysofmarch}

I love to take pictures.
Photo's hand in hand with a gratitude journal can sweep you right down memory lane.  Moments cherished, captured, remembered.  I've lived too much of my life too busy.  It's my way to just. slow.

Through these long winter months I've hardly picked up my camera.  No reason why...just a lot of gray skies and short days but a friend of mine has been posting little snidbits of her day with a hash tag of #30daysofmylife and it really inspired me to pick that camera back up.  Let's capture March!

Will you join me?  Not only will I be posting at least one daily photo here on the blog but also through twitter with hash tag #31daysofmarch.  Let's push through these last cold days together! 

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Patrick and Christina said...

I love the idea of 31 days of March! It is a tough month for us here in the prairies too as spring comes slowly with tempting bits of sunshine followed by tempest winds and more snow. Will do anything to keep the spirits up!