Monday, September 23, 2013

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday (and hello to you!)

I really have missed blogging.  It's a way to journal for our family, sharing thoughts and deeper things that the Lord is working in my own heart on --AND if I were to be honest (and I can be here, right?) blogging can create a lot of pressure.   At least for me.

Pressure to say something "important" or "inspiring", pressure to promote (cause you want reader's right?) and pressure if no one is reading (there are some pretty famous blogs our there and you feel the fleshly need to "keep up".  And I'm way NOT AS COOL AS THEM!  =).

But honestly, I'm done with all that.  And it feels pretty good

I've been in this place before and I've never really felt it in my gut where this blog fits into everywhere else...but that's all okay!

My posts will be short and sweet.  A snid bit from my day/week (like maybe the text of the dead squirrel and talk of chili my husband sent me last night).  Um...true story.  But definitely Baby be Blessed behind the scene photo's and one big thing for sure...a day set aside to post all of my dollie prayers. It's my hearts desire to be one body praying together over every single one of these babies!

Looking forward to all that will come,

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