Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Too Cute Tuesday!

To the lovely women of Baby Be Blessed--

Months ago I ordered a doll from you in faith as we waited to be matched with our little girl in China. We set the doll in our living room on the sofa table when it arrived and prayed for our future daughter, not knowing who she was. When our adoption agency finally matched us with our daughter the doll found its home sitting next to a framed picture of our baby girl in her orphanage.

On February 10, 2014 in Zhengzhou China, An Ping became a daughter- no longer an orphan. She is now the Hannah Elizabeth you made a doll for months ago. We have been home in Texas for just three weeks with our new daughter and she is blossoming. I've included a before and after picture of her- a true picture of new life when adoption takes place just like our spiritual adoption.

Hannah loves her new family, brothers and toys but has especially loved her Baby Be Blessed doll. Today at nap time she cradled her, rocked her and talked with her before falling asleep cuddling her doll. We believe it is her first time to ever have a baby doll.

I just wanted you to know this doll was a sign of hope and faith for us and is now a treasured item for our treasured daughter. I have a feeling I will be ordering a back up doll soon in case this one gets lost!!

Thank you for your wonderful baby dolls that bless the lives of others!

In Christ,
Betsy Pickett

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Patrick and Christina said...

This story melts my heart! Love how the little ones blossom with love of a family!