Friday, February 20, 2009

Introducing Hope Elizabeth and Maria Sue!

First off we have the officially named....Hope Elizabeth! I sat down with Natalie and we went through all of your GREAT name suggestions!
She thought naming the doll Natalie was funny...because "That's not a doll name, that's my name!" I told her she would forever be my doll! =)
She said she liked Hope and here she is! You can now purchase her as a custom order over at Baby be Blessed!
Secondly...we introduce to you little Maria Sue! She is named after sweet Maria Sue Chapman. I had Maria in my mind and on my heart when I designed this doll and I ask for your prayers to continue for this family!
Little did I know this morning that one year ago today Maria and Stevey Joy gave their heart to Jesus! You can go to Mary Beth's blog and read about it here. God's timing is so perfect! The Maria Sue doll is now also available at the website so go check it out!
For each Hope Elizabeth doll sold this month, we will donate $5 toward our Give a Blessing recipient Martilee!
For Each Maria Sue doll we sell this month, we will donate $5 to Maria's Miracle Fund!
We have more new dolls coming soon....
Have a great weekend everyone!!


gahome2mom said...

Sweet! :)

El said...

Hope Elizabeth is so pretty! She reminds me of Ava...I think I will need to get one of her sometime soon!

La Familia Garcia said...

Yay, I love the name choice!
I also love the idea of the doll for Maria Sue! What a great thing to do in her memory!