Wednesday, December 23, 2009


My daughter Natalie came to me last week, "Mommy...what is X-mas?" I explained to her that sometimes people write down X-mas as shorthand for Christmas. After pondering that for a little while, she said "Well, it's like they are X-ing out Christ."

Now, my Miss Natalie is nine years old and how my Momma heart swells to know that she is thinking and pondering in this manner.

I really don't feel that all people are intending to X out Christ when they write X-mas but it does give you something to think about, doesn't it??

As CHRIST*ians isn't it another way we can really proclaim the true meaning of celebrating the season?

And what about all the craziness of the season? Can't we so quickly X out Christ by getting caught up in all the hustle and bustle? For me personally, I have been struggling with keeping my mind and heart focused on celebrating the true meaning of the birth of Christ, and not on my long "to do" list of everything that needs to still get done. Its been hard for me to realize how much "wordly influence" I've allowed to define the season. That's hard for me to even type...but it's true. It really is a daily, moment by moment choice. Our Lord just wants to be first on our hearts and minds...and not just around the CHRIST*mas tree, but throughout the whole year.

And what about all those gifts??

Think about those gifts under the tree. Are you excited about them? Are you excited to watch your children open them?? Well, lets look at them a little differently...

What if CHRIST*mas morning your children ignored them? What if they just sat unopened all year. Your children know that their gift is sitting there...they know that you gave them a gift...but they simply just chose not to open it. Or, what if they grabbed up that gift and threw it out by the curb for the trash man. They didn't want to acknowledge or see the gift that was they simply toss it out so they don't have to look at it. How would you feel about that??

Well...our Father has given a gift. It is the gift of salvation. That gift came as Jesus Christ to the world to pay the price for all of our sins. It is a precious that we could never match. Have you opened it or is it still sitting under the tree?? Have you tossed it out by the curb so you don't have to look at it because you think you might have to change something or give up something if you open it??

This was shared on Sunday at our Fellowship. Gives you something to think about doesn't it? We are visiting friends and family that haven't opened that gift!! Maybe they are even holding it in their hands and are not sure how to open it!!

None of us know when our last day will be.

When it comes, there will be no running back to the curb.

Don't X out CHRIST in CHRIST*mas!!

Use this season of opportunities to reach out, pray and boldly speak of the only Hope we have!!

Much love~Tina


That Fresh Feeling said...

Great post Merry Christmas

Our Family of 5 said...
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Our Family of 5 said...

I used to feel the same way about the X in Xmas...but if you look it up, it actually has a Christian meaning to it. Some one at my church used it and I was stunned till I researched it. :)

Mary said...

The tradition of writing Xmas actually came because the greek letter for Christ is X. It is merely shorthand, and we make it out to be everyone taking Christ out of Christmas...

Baby be Blessed said...

Hey everyone!!

Wanted to mention that my post was not about people writing X-mas...but how we can X Christ out of CHRISTmas through our thoughts and how we spend our time during this busy commercialized season.

I do have my personal thoughts and feelings on the subject. But even debating X-mas vs CHRISTmas takes focus off of the greatest gift that was given to us...Jesus Christ!

Much love everyone! ~Tina

Mamamacathy said...

Great commentary! Merry CHRISTmas!

Me said...

Just stumbled across your blog.

I had no idea of the origins of the X in Xmas, but I tend to use it when talking about the commercialization of it. When talking about "Christmas costs less at Walmart" me, that's Xmas, because, as you've pointed out, the Christ in Christmas has been X'd out.

Just my thoughts I wanted to share. :-)