Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Give Clean Water for Christmas

We are so blessed! Without realizing it, I take for granted everything around me! Our home, food on the table 3+ times a day, clothing....If we have a need or a want, we simply go to the store and get it! We have a safe yard in which our children can play and when they get thirsty, fresh clean water to drink.

I know that I usually don't give a second thought to having an endless supply of clean, fresh water to drink. Man and when I think of the water that we waste...yikes! Stop a moment and think about that... What if you didn't have clean water?

Remember sweet Lexi??

This Christmas season, Lexi encourages you and I encourage you to go give the gift of clean water!! $20 will give water to one person for 20 years! I think that some don't get involved because everything seems so big and we as one person don't feel we can do much to make a difference. So let me type it again....

$20 will give water to one person for 20 years!

That is a trip to McDonalds for our family...I think we can spare some inches around our waist and give someone water for 20 years instead! =)

Please pray about donating to this cause. Please pray for Lexi as she continues to move forward in this ministry! God has used this young woman to encourage me!

We ALL can make a difference!


For Lexi's blog CLICK HERE!

*OH YEAH....and if you make a donation of $20 or more, please forward us your donation information to for an extra little stocking stuffer!!

Much love everyone!

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