Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Malachi Update...

What a sweet picture to find on the Sharbaugh family BLOG this morning!! A sweet boy resting peacefully in his Mama's arms! I encourage you to go visit them and catch up on little Malachi if you haven't done so in a while...

We are almost to the half way mark of our monthly goal to help raise $1000 for this sweet boy!

A BIG thank you to those who have donated!! I praise God for your giving heart!!

Well...we want to offer you all an extra goodie for giving this week!! Today through Sunday we will throw in a special Valentine scripture crown for every $20.00 that you donate!! PERFECT time for Valentines day and a great way to show the love of Christ to the Sharbaugh family by giving!!


Want to mention that the first prize in our Give a Blessing Giveaway this month will be...

This Baby be Blessed scripture Lion!!

The SECOND place prize will be an item from Wild Olive Tees!! VERY EXCITED about this!! We are still working out details, so I'll let you know when I get them!!

Wild Olive Tees

The THIRD place prize will be a valentine print dress for your Baby be Blessed doll!! (picture coming soon)


So first off...PRAY!!

Then please DONATE and SPREAD THE WORD about Giving a Blessing to little Malachi!!


I thank you so much for it!!

Remember KINDNESS: Seeing needs in the lives of others as opportunities to show my love for Christ!!

Much LOVE Everyone!!

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