Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sitting at His feet...

Good Morning Everyone!

Probably from your view things have been pretty quite around here. Actually to be honest, though we've been VERY busy on the doll side of things, I've purposefully have chosen to be pretty quite. I just need to sit and seek. I pray that you've all been there.... I love sitting at His feet. I'm clinging to them not wanting to move.

The Ruth study by Kelly Minter has been SO GOOD! I love how she mentions that "Sometimes we are told to quietly lean on our Savior and rest. At other times God calls us to actively wait. But we are always to stay close to our Redeemer."

Have any of you been spending time in this study? If you haven't...please pray about getting it. Equip yourself. Get involved in something, but make sure that it is a study that "brings you back to the scriptures, never to replace or overshadow them." Melissa Moore Fitzpatrick wrote that in the forward of Beth Moores Esther study... it always comes back to my mind.

My point....

If you seek He will answer. That is a promise! I think most of the time we are too busy being busy to actually hear his direction and will for our lives. So I choose to stop and seek and sit. It is wonderful. If you ask, the Holy Spirit will draw you in like a bee to honey!

So as I is not only for my own need but also for all of you. My heart has been burdened by all the heart aches and trials that some of you have shared and those that I see all around me in the hardness of this world. Good seasons or bad we all have a wonderful hope in Christ. Stand firm in the promises He has given to us and please know that we love all of you!

Trust in Him and His blessed plan for you life. Don't settle...

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krista and ryan said...

I am also doing the study with Kelly with a group at my church. I have really enjoyed her insight into Ruth's story. Thanks for putting the word out there about God's Word and His unique plan for each of us:) I adore your dolls and hope to get one for my neice who will turn 1 in December. I will be sure to email you Oct 1st in order to get it in time:) Maybe I will win one on one of the Friday giveaways:) Thanks for being a blessing to others. What a ministry you have/