Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Too Cute...Tuesday!

*Email from our sweet friend, Danae*
I saw that you were missing some pictures and I thought I'd send you a few :)


The picture labeled 'Amahle' is Amahle, one of our sponsored children in South Africa, and Vashti Downs, the co-founder of Project O


The photo labeled 'Bezuayehu' is my husband Steve, myself, our sponsored child in Ethiopia, Bezuayehu, and her mother. You can't really tell in the picture, but they live in a mud and straw shack about the size of our bathroom. They live with three other siblings in an area that contains rabid dogs and cats and has a high AIDs infection rate. They called us family when we came to visit them.


The photo labeled 'Zulu' are two little girls who live in the Valley of 1,000 Hills. Martin Downs, Vashti's husband, told us that these two little girls watched as their parents were murdered. They now live with their aunt who fears for their lives. Since they saw the faces of their parents killers, the people will come back and kill the girls.


The picture labeled 'Wanellie' is a picture taken at a South African homeless shelter. Wanellie is a 3-month-old baby who lives at the shelter with his mother and father. In South Africa, homeless shelters are a business and they have to be paid for. Nellie was a great mother and, I kid you not, every time I was at the shelter, he was in the bath. You could tell how much she cared for him. It was really sad to see them there.

Hopefully those pictures are good for Too Cute Tuesday :) Hopefully Vashti can send some more pictures when they distribute the rest of the dolls.

With Love,

Danae, thank you! ~Sweet faces of Jesus' people...I'm pouring my prayers over each one. Please join me. God be near....Father use these simple dolls to show your love, your truth and your hope to each of these children and every person they come in contact with. Bless them Lord, Protect them Lord, Guide them to you..... Jesus in your precious name, Amen

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Divine Mrs D said...

I'm glad you could use the pictures!!! :)

Carrie said...

precious, precious babies! ms carrie loves you!!!

lindsey said...

I'm Vashti's mum and I saw these dolls when we visited...they are great. Thanks for sending in the photo's Danae!


I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You ~Ron