Wednesday, December 8, 2010

God at work

On Monday I emailed Darci to let her know that she won Yay...FREE FRIDAY. She was excited! She's been wanting one for her daughter. It's an awesome thing! I love how God blesses people through these dolls! But later that day...I received a second email from her. With Darci's permission and to God's glory, I'm sharing it with you.

Hi Tina,

Darci here again...
I just have to tell you a God Thing about this doll.
After I emailed you my shipping info, I clicked over and looked at the doll I won.
I was interrupted, being summoned to change a morning diaper.
As I was changing my daughter, God just whispered to my heart, "That doll isn't for you or her."
As much as I wanted one from ya'll for her , I am so excited to see what God is doing!

Over Thanksgiving, our church compiled Thanksgiving Baskets for people in our community. My big boys and I delivered six baskets to strangers, living in difficult situations and places in our community.

One young single mom, in particular, just stayed heavy on my heart for 2 weeks.
Last week, I finally obeyed the Lord, found her contact info from our pastors, and call her.
I told the mom that I had a bread ministry of delivering day-old Panera, and if she would be interested I'd love to drop some off each strings attached...just for her to know that God loves her and cares for her needs.... and she seemed thrilled.

Later that day I received communication from her, requesting info about my church, that she wanted to attend. I was shocked.

Yesterday, Sunday, she met me in the foyer of our church with her 8 year old daughter.
When she left, she shared that she would be attending next week too.

The past four days, since I called her, I've learned that she was raised in a Christian family, made choices against all she had been taught, had a daughter, is working through many issues, living in poverty, etc.... She is ashamed she has never taught her daughter anything about God or church. The night before I called her, for the first time ever, her daughter, Acacia, asked her mom why they never go to church!

I am humbled!

Yesterday at church, Acacia was telling me about "how her skin is not brown, but cappuccino... and how she is named after a tree and a plant." I told her she was beautiful!

And now as I read the verse on this Baby Be Blessed doll she will be receiving for Christmas:

You're beautiful with God's beauty.
Beautiful inside and out!
God be with you."
Luke 1:28 MSG

I am so excited! And, the doll TOTALLY looks like Acacia!
Thanks for allowing God to work mightily through your ministry and these dolls.....

Thanks for listening....
Sweetest Blessings,

I praise God for allowing us to SEE little nibbles of Him in action!
Thank you Lord! May we each be open and obedient vessels of your wonderful plan!

Please join me in prayer over sweet Acacia and her Mommy!
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