Thursday, September 15, 2011

I must REALLY love him! =)

Last night at 4:46 pm, I received a text from my dear husband.

It read: "Be home in ten minutes...ive got something for supper"

My response? "okay...I'm scared since you left w/the shotgun"

Yep! I love that sweet man! And I must add that technically (my 12 yr old informed me) he didn't bring a shotgun it was a rifle. A 22 to be exact....well for any of you who would care about details like that.

To my surprise, he not only brought home the main course (a squirrel) but also the vegetable (a big wild mushroom called a Puff Ball)!

I've never seen anything like it!

I thought it was HUGE but Keith informed me that it was a small one.

Thankfully I already had supper going (whew) so I thought I had dodged the bullet...but guess what is sitting a bowl of water in my fridge...right now as I type this...yes...the gutted and skinned squirrel. LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH!

The mushroom sits in there as well, but my stomach can handle that!

Since I'm not really into eating wild game (does squirrel classify in that category) I have no idea how either of them should be cooked so I'm going to guess because they both are coming out! In case any of you want to come over for supper, tonight we will have BBQ Squirrel, fried puff balls and a big side of something the kids and I will eat!

Now where are the safety glasses and my rubber gloves?

I'm going in...wish me luck!

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Divine Mrs D said...

PLEASE take pictures of the finished meal! I want to see it!!