Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So What's New?

It's been a week since school has started and we are finding the rhythm of our new routine. 

Here are a few pictures I found in my camera.  Mice in cowgirl hats sitting on dusty microwaves by the sugar.  A VERY happy 10 year old getting her flute on the second day of band...practicing the three notes they taught her all weekend! (I hope she holds the enthusiasm!)

...and a proud papa moment

A Thompson Family Milestone:  Tristin's 1st Hunting license! 

And not only that!  But his FIRST squirrel!

Yep...he walked that thing right into the house by the tail and held it right up with a smile ear to ear!  A bigger smile walked in right behind him!  Talk about a wave of testosterone walking through the door!  =)  I'm not quite sure who was more proud...the father or the son!  And since Uncle Greg is a taxidermist, this prize was washed off in my sink, wrapped in a Kroger sack and placed right in the freezer next to the Popsicles.

Yep. That's right.

Needless to say, Mama got out the bleach. =)

Seriously though, I was very proud of him too and though hunting isn't my thing personally it came in the package at the alter and I'm glad that Keith and Tristin can enjoy it together.

On the doll front...Lori and I have been sewing away!  Last week Lori rocked out some dolls so I will be able to finish and ship THREE groupings this week!  YAY!!  It feels great to get a little caught up from vacation and busy summer schedules.

Our Christmas cart will be coming soon so be planning ahead if you would like to order.

Have a wonderful day!
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