Thursday, September 20, 2012

His's Perfect!

Its what I read from the letter on our refrigerator.  The letter hung by the letter H.  The letter written by Natalie's friend to encourage her.  The letter that was sent through the mail like "in the olden days". 

God's timing is perfect.

Yes, I know this.  But I reminded my heart over and over again.  Each time I looked at it.

And then suddenly it happens.  My head is still spinning.... 

Meet Izzy.  We met her a few weeks ago at a local fair.  Though we couldn't buy another horse until we sold Shiloh we looked at different horses to gain experience and find a right fit.  Natalie loved her right away.  She was a good natured girl and had LOTS of experience with kids of all ages.
This is what Lola has her eye on.  A mini named Jocko.

On Saturday we had arranged to go look at her (and Jocko) again.  They lived about an hour away so we packed up and headed out.  We spent a couple of hours there.  Natalie rode Izzy (then named Fly) and Lola worked with Jocko.  Kolton asked for "his horse".  He didn't like taking turns with Lola.  =)

Long story short the owner asked about Shiloh.  She knew from the beginning that we couldn't buy until she sold.  Out of the blue...she asked about a trade.  A TRADE!  Like she would take Shiloh and we could have Izzy, TRADE! 

I told her I would talk to my husband and let her know.  I packed up and the girls (and Kolton) and they reluctantly said goodbye.

When we arrived home I called my husband and he agreed concerning the trade.  I called the owner back and asked her when/where she would like to meet.  She said that they would bring Izzy to us and pick up a couple of hours!

A couple of hours!  Things happened so quickly.  So I had a couple of hours to get my house in order and decorate Lola's birthday cake.  We were having her party at 6:30 and prayed like crazy that Shiloh would load...and STAY LOADED! 

The time came and they worked with Shiloh to get her on the trailer.  I walked into the barn to hide (and pray).  =)  But boy did they know what they were doing!  She WANTED to get on that trailer because when she went on she rested, but if she stepped off they worked her over good.  Backing and lunging her until she stepped back on. 

Here she is loaded and ready to go to her new home

I've been missing her the past few days.  A lot.  I mean I haven't missed her stubbornness or any of that..but when you have had an animal that you've taken care of for seven months, you grow to love them. But with all that said, I am very thankful!  I can't tell you how much I praise God for the work He has done!  He has heard our prayers and His timing is Perfect!

Izzy has been a blessing!  The whole family has enjoyed her this week.  She is a messy little girl though...she rolls in every pile of manure in her stall!  Must be the newest beauty treatment for horses!  =) 

As far as Jocko, he is still at his owners.  Lola has her heart set on him.  She loves him but I told her one horse at a time.  Lets see how things go with Izzy and then maybe MAYBE we will possibly consider another.  And where we would be able to keep a mini is a whole other issue.

I think we need a farm!

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