Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Something NEW! --Personalize your own finished doll!

It's been a while since we've surprised you with something new so I'm excited to share this new idea!!!!

How about personalizing your very own doll?!

Months back (and I get asked the question A LOT), Lori and I were talking about a way we could personalize dolls AFTER they have been sewn together.  The only way to add a scripture patch after the doll has been put together is to quilt or whipstitch the patch to the top of the belly of a doll...which you can do, but it doesn't look as clean as using the machine.  So after thinking over different options we came up with the idea of using a fabric marker!  Simple but GENIUS!! 

Fabric markers have come a LONG way.  They come in a variety of colors and also in different size tips --fine point is my favorite. 

The original concerns I had was about the ink being waterproof and the marker not bleeding in the fabric.  I was excited to discover that certain brands are available to be heat set with an iron and I did not have an issue with bleeding (unless I held the marker still in one spot).  Writting the name was very easy and looked very clean!    Isn't that awesome!!

So over the next few weeks I will slowly introduce these dolls in the Finished Category of our website.   The fabric markers --will NOT be included-- with the purchase of the doll but I will add in the listing which brand of fabric marker worked best for me. 

I'm looking forward to hearing what you think!

This will not replace our Personalized Dolls (the carts WILL re-open =) but I think this might be a special alternative to add a special touch to a finished doll.

How sweet would it be if your child wrote their own name on their doll?!! Or a name with a hand drawn heart from Mommy or Grandma --SO FUN!!  It's all up to you!

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Just a side note: We are not responsible for any errors or mishaps such as marker malfunctions, typo's, bleeding or any other issues that could arise as you personalize your doll. I will however include a fabric patch scrap so you can practice with your fabric marker before you use it on your actual doll. --Thank you!!!!  XOXO

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Lizzie said...

My daughter's birth mom lost her own mom to heart disease when she was in her early teen years. I know she treasures the things she has with her mom's handwriting on them. Great idea!