Thursday, April 3, 2014


This morning I sit here sipping on my steaming cup of coffee (swirled with a topping of whipped cream).  The rain is pecking at the window, skies are gray.  Mickey Mouse Club House is floating in from the living room along with a few random giggles.

This week has nipped hard at my heels!

Yep, it started right off on Sunday when I misunderstood the date of my nephews 3rd Birthday party.

I was in charge of the cake.

Party was at two.  I call at two thirty, "WHEN is his party?? Next week?"

"Right now."  #auntoftheyear #fail #quickmarketrun

Three little candles sticking out of a pre-made cookie was pretty pathetic.

Good news?  His is Birthday wasn't actually until Tuesday.  His cake was made. He was happy + we were able to celebrate for a second time!

Life is what you make of it + I choose joy!
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