Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dear September

   You officially are the first month of our Baby be Blessed/behind the doll making Memoir and have been filled to the brim with so many good things!  You have come and gone SO QUICKLY that I can't really grasp that you are gone!  You brought fall crisp weather, falling leaves + a 12th Birthday with a cake that held PINK flamed candles that you could barely see with the lights turned down and a squinted eye.  Also farm visits, hay rides, FREE ICE CREAM, heart shaped cinnamon rolls, chubby kitties, NEW kitties, dentist appts with bubblegum air, 4-wheeler magazines that a certain 7 yr old just HAD to read in the public restroom, new Bible studies, soccer, friends + 8th grade concessions.  Uninvited dogs that seem to be always popping up in the car --you know when we were running a tad bit behind and didn't need the extra hassle.  =)  And speaking of cars!  Our very first driving permit and the feeling my stomach got when he slipped behind the wheel for the very first time.  You also brought that popcorn explosion in the kitchen, laughter, beautiful sunrises, Woman Weekends, quiet moments of scheduled JOY and the continued blessing of making all these babies!  September, you have been awesome....

Until next year,
xo Tina

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