Thursday, April 22, 2010

Living Proverbs 22:6

It's been a while since I've posted a Living Proverbs 22:6 post! There is no specific reason, the days just seem to slip right on by and one week runs into the other. But I was pondering that this morning...things get so busy that they slip by. I'll do it later. It will wait until tomorrow. Let's face it! Our schedules are packed too full!! Though it is fine to wait until tomorrow for some things, there are others that we simply can not afford to shuffle...

In working with our new Jr. Church curriculum, I came across an article called How to Disciple Your Child. I would like to share a bit with you.

Biblical Foundations

Once upon a time, parents asked their children after church, "What did you learn about God?" Today, the question is often, "Did you have fun?" In many churches, kids rarely use their Bibles. Laying a Biblical foundation is essential. For centuries, Hebrew and Christian families have read God's Word together -- a cornerstone for family bonding and spiritual growth.

1. Follow a plan. For younger children, a daily story Bible might be best. For older kids or for a wide age range, read from the Bible itself. You may want to download this reading plan and adapt it to your family's needs: click here for free parent tools for discipling children.

2. Make time! As kids get older, schedules get fuller. Choose a regular time to meet together. For many families, after a meal works best. Five minutes will do. Though the fruit may take a while to ripen, you will reap a bountiful harvest. Decide to do it! -Mark Steiner

In my family, the best time for us to sit down together is in the morning during breakfast. We have faithfully been doing this for a year or more now and it is the most rewarding 20 minutes of the day!! At first we started with a devotional type bible and now we are reading through Genesis. It's awesome when situations arise and we can reflect back on what we have read and bring those lessons to life.

I was helping my Lola button her sweater the other day and though the cut of her dress was high on her chest, she still wanted that top button on her sweater buttoned so her lower neck wouldn't show. I agreed, telling her that it is good and glorifies God when we are modest. I also shared how awesome it is that we can be modest and still dress cute at the same time! Natalie pipes in and said..."Yeah! You don't want to dress or act like Miss Oolala!" She was talking about Potiphar's wife concerning Joseph in Genesis 39:8. We had discussed her actions toward Joseph which led to a conversation about being modest and pure. We called her Miss Oolala! =)

It was good- and funny! It blesses my socks off when the Lord allows things to swing back around to encourage us!

They are listening and seeds are being planted!
Much love~Tina

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