Saturday, April 3, 2010

Show us your basket!

Ready for a fun Giveaway?!


In appreciation to all those who have placed orders to fill those Easter baskets...this is for you!

Here are the rules...

1. Take a picture of your Easter baskets.
2. You MUST have a BbB doll/lamb/bunny/lion in your picture!
3. Email it to:
4. Be creative and have fun!!

For every basket photo you email, you will be entered to win a
$56.00 Baby be Blessed Gift Certificate!
(for example if you have 3 children, take three separate basket pictures for 3 chances to be chosen!)

All photo's must be emailed by Monday April 5th...that's the day after Easter. On Tuesday, we will randomly choose the winner and also present a slide show of all the baskets that were entered on our blog!

We appreciate every single one of you and praise God for every single doll that leaves proclaiming His truth!!
*This giveaway is in addition to our Yay...Free Friday Giveaway below.
Happy Easter! ~Tina

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