Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The Portuguese and Spanish word for "friend" is Amigo. 
And this Horse named Amigo is becoming such a good friend to Natalie! 
The girl who has dreamed of horses since she was two years old!

The Sunday before last, we were asked if Natalie wanted to ride in a local parade with Catalpa Point Stables which is where she takes riding lessons.  Her face lit up with bright eyes and a HUGE smile as she looked at me for a response!  What good Mama would say no....  =)

They all did a FANTASTIC JOB!  I was able to walk along with them and pass out information flyer's. 
My sister Michelle and three of her kiddo's were cheering us on from the sidelines!

Natalie and I with Amigo

It was a beautiful fall day and Natalie was on cloud nine!!  I am so thankful that though she does not have a horse of her own...she can still build a beautiful bond of friendship with this beautiful horse named Amigo!

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Lauren said...

I love me some horses!! That is soooo exciting! I bet she was SO proud!!!! There is nothing like a girl and her love for horses, except a girl and her love of the Lord!

Divine Mrs D said...

So cute! Your daughter looks ecstatic.