Friday, October 28, 2011

May we Show Hope...

Please join us and support Show Hope! 

You can make the difference in a child's life today!  Isn't that exciting?! 

Last year in my gratitude journal, I wrote something that Steven Curtis Chapman said:

"a single drop creates a ripple that reaches out."

That really spoke to me.  I often feel like the problem or situation is too big for me to help with or where would I even start to help...or does it even matter (because it's one single drop).  But it does matter!  Everything you choose to do matters and YOU can change the world by being a part of this wonderful ministry!  Please visit their website (CLICK HERE) and seek God's direction concerning a sponsorship with SHOW HOPE.  TRUST that if He guides...He will provide! 

Over the next month we will be supporting Show Hope here through our blog by raffling off TWO
{Oh yes, I said two!} Asian Cinderella dolls! 


The Cinderella doll measures 16" tall and has black minky hair with a yarn bun. She is wearing a sparkling tiara and a beautiful Dupioni silk dress!

 Her scripture patch has a copy of Maria's original flower and butterfly drawing and reads "Taste and SEE that the Lord is good."  Psalm 34:8 ----- In Memory of Maria, our precious Cinderella.  "I will dance with Cinderella, while she is here in my arms, 'cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight, and she'll soon be gone."  Always take time to dance, Steven and Mary Beth Chapman

This exclusive doll is no longer available for purchase.

Please enter to win by making a donation in the chipIn below.  $1 = 1 chance!

Winner will be randomly chosen on November 27th!  Perfect timing for Christmas!

In a recent mailing from Show Hope they asked the following... "Consider what role God might have for you in His Kingdom work of showing hope to orphans..."  Would you consider and pray over that today?

Thank you SO MUCH! 
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YMGteam said...

Got my chances in!!

Elle's mommy said...
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Elle's mommy said...

Hello...I am loving your blog and your dolls and everything! Love it! I am wondering if it's possible to purchase the Cinderella dolls anymore? I saw blonde ones on your website...are those for sale? I would love to purchase one and especially if the proceeds go to show hope. I couldn't find on show hope's site how to purchase one...My husband and I just had our Cinderella on August 13th and she passed away at birth...her name is Ellersley Grace and we would love to have a doll in memory of her and this one would be blog is you can leave a comment there or drop me an email i would be greatly appreciative... : ) Thanks so much and I will be praying God continues to bless bless and bless these babies and the babies that receive them... : )
Nicki Deem

Nadia said...

I cannot wait to hear about the two lucky winners! So hoping I am one of them! I entered right away when I read about this giveaway... My sweet girlie is from Hunan, China, adopted through one of the same agencies as the Chapmans. What a special gift this would be! We love Show Hope!

Nadia said...

I keep checking to see if this drawing has occurred. Today is my sweet girlie's Gotcha Day. It has been 7 years since we adopted her in Hunan, China. Would love to find out we have won one of your Cinderella dolls on this very special day! :)