Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Busy Little Bees....

How are you?

I know I have been awfully quiet here on the blog and I thank you for understanding....

We have been like busy little bees...or maybe I should say like busy little elves, cutting -sewing & starting to finish up all of your Christmas babies!

I was able to work on some finished dresses over the weekend and just listed them this morning HERE.

Thanks so much for supporting us and please please keep us in your prayers if we would happen to come to mind! My hearts desire is to glorify God in all we do here. Have a fantastic day!

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Patrick and Christina said...

I purchased a doll for my daughter and I am so pleased with it! I have been waiting for some new clothes to be posted on Etsy and was terribly excited until I realized they won't ship to Canada. Now I am terribly disappointed. Is there another way to order clothes for my daughter's doll?