Wednesday, December 7, 2011

To: Mommy - From: Dade

Dear Mommy,

I'm writing you this letter today to tattle on Aunt Tina.  I was exhausted!  Playing, eating, crawling, zooming around in my walker and getting into the Christmas tree ten times over takes A LOT of energy! 

I told her I was tired with my monkey calls but she just didn't listen!

My eye lids were so heavy that I couldn't keep them open anymore.  My head felt wobbly and I could no longer sit up straight!  You would think that she, who loves me so, would feel compassion and put me to bed -but nope!  Instead she grabbed her camera and giggled as she took pictures of my head bopping around!

Can you believe that?!  *sigh*

I think I will get her back by pulling the garbage can over when she isn't looking.

Love you Mommy,