Tuesday, December 6, 2011

He makes all things new!

Last week today the rain poured down in buckets. Puddles, mud and mess was everywhere...inside and out! The clouds were gray, sun hidden for days and gloom seemed to lurk everywhere, especially in my heart.

It just started out as one of those days that you wish you could crawl back into bed. This household of six was running away from me. I was feeling the pressure of falling behind and quick approaching deadlines, a fussy baby who didn't feel well and two big dogs that have been couped up in the laundry room for days since their eviction from the mud room the week before.

{Which left one big puppy in deep trouble for digging a whole into the wall while we were away.}

Needless to say, the training cage was brought once again from the attic and sad puppy eyes cried out while I tried to fold laundry around them both. The muddy foot prints, dog hair and constantly being underfoot while I try to wade through the many days piles of laundry about put me over the edge! There was much more than my laundry was piling up...it seemed everything was piled high and about to topple over, so the dogs had to go out into the garage for a while.

An hour went by and I thought I better go check on those pups of ours as the bucket of drywall compound still sitting on the counter caught my eye from our current patch work still in progress. As I ran outside it started to pour. I opened the garage door and literally gasped! Two piles of poop and Natalie's bike down on the ground with the seat torn off into shreds. I didn't even know what to do. I just stood there with my hand over my mouth.

One dog cowered while the other jumped around with joy.

When I came somewhat to my senses , I grabbed the shovel and tried my best to clean up fresh piles of poop, smearing it all over and dropping half of it as I try to walk outside with a jumping dog next to me, the rain pours...

So after scooping, sweeping scrubbing and lots of scolding -I am done! Not just done cleaning up but mentally done. Kolton keeps yelling out the door to me that the baby is awake and screaming when the puppy runs up to him. He slams the door and the dog jumps mud all over the door and window.

My bottom lip quivers as I walk into the house. I grab the dog cage and as I am bringing it outside into the garage it caught the door frame and pulled the trim off. Yep...done.

My eyes well up full and the baby is crying upstairs and piles of laundry and stuff is everywhere and I bang my way out the back door and just stand in the rain.

It poured down steady along with my tears.

What else can you do in these moments but pray? As I cried out to the One who knew already my weakness and struggle I just stood there in that rain...like grace falling down.

Tyring, learning and choosing to praise Him for each very moment (especially through the hard) I cry out into and through the drops falling down!

I can handle this! If this is what the enemy wants to throw at me -THIS I can handle. All the sickness, death and horrible things in this fallen world...I can handle these things with a little smeared dog poop on top. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". Thank you Lord for these small things. Thank you for the puppy who never stops and for the baby who is able to fuss and for all the things that still need done...for a house that is living full! THANK YOU!

The Lord washing me clean right there in the rain.

"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. " 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

I can move forward joyfully because I know and trust in Him.

As I picked the kids up from school my heart feeling refreshed, it started to snow. Working with homework and after school chores I didn't even notice until Natalie shouted for me to look outside. The heavy rain turned to a heavy snow.

Everything white, beautiful and new!

I smiled. I think the Lord allowed it to snow just for me!

The kids started to giggle and laugh and dig out last years boots. The first snow of the year! Oh, the laughter!! It was a healing salve on a hurting wound. Snow balls, snowmen and fingers cold to the bone! Smiles and mittens and scarves!

All I could think of is that He makes all things new!

Isn't He the master of turning the biggest muddy messes into the most beautiful piles of beauty you ever saw!

We should expect it shouldn't we? Always keeping our eyes open and watching for it!

Oh Lord...how I praise you!

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Elle's mommy said...

I loved reading this! Sooo true...and I must say I live in Ohio and I am intensely JEALOUS of the snow! : ) Thank you Lord for the rain and for the beauty!


Unknown said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!PRAISE GOD.always perfect timing. he definetly knows our struggles and always knows how and when to step in and encourage us! thank you.