Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Too Cute...Tuesday!

I have been wanting to contact you for a year. In September 2010, we went to China to adopt our daughter Hope. Right before we left, we ordered her the "Maria Sue" doll, then renamed the Hope doll. What an amazing thing...the doll we ordered for her was given her name. Such beautiful twists and turns God allows. I had in mind two things to hand her (she was 2 1/2 at the time we adopted her) the moment they handed her to me. One was a ladybug blanket sent by her grandparents. The other was her Baby Be Blessed doll. I thought it may comfort her to have something to hold onto during the transition and that in the future it would be the one thing she has had since the moment she became ours. I knew "Lucy", (as she was named), would become dear to Hope and she has. She never left her side in China and she sleeps with her every night, every nap and accompanies her during every doctor visit (Hope had a congenital heart defect; it has been repaired.)

I love how God uses this ministry. Really it is a ministry, because it has ministered not only to us in giving her the gift of Lucy, but it has ministered comfort to Hope in a huge year of transition.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and Hope's...

Amy Brady


~I know that this was my response to your email Amy...but I shout it out again! 

My eyes are full of tears!

All praise and glory to God! I know that He uses these dolls...no doubts ever in that! But what a blessing when He allows an email such as yours to encourage this broken child of His to keep going!!!

Thank you so much for sharing!
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