Thursday, April 19, 2012

To Really See

Every day after school she stops at the mail box before walking in the house.  The day she ran in all smiles and grabbed my camera caught my attention.  What on earth is she doing?  I can't catch her words through the excited giggles as she ran back out scanning the lawn, shuffling her flip flops through the grass.  A sudden stop and a smile like she discovered a secret treasure, she leans down close and focuses in.  I'm intrigued at her find.  She clicks away, brown hair blowing in the warm wind.

She runs over to me and shows me her find through the camera.  "See it?  Don't you see it?  There are the eyes and that is the smile!! God put a smiley face in the yard!"  My heart overflows.

Oh, how she gets it and I so often don't.  Taking the time to slow and see.  Finding God right there in the dandelion's.  What a special gift! A reminder to this weary soul...

Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see— how good God is.  ~Psalm 34:8, msg

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Danae Hudson said...

That's the one thing I want to try and get back - the wonder of a child. How powerful that wonder is!! And what a wonderful daughter you have :)

Stacey said...