Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On our way!

My Mother-in-law collects Santa's.  She keeps her santa collection out year round and it's beautiful.  Last week my sister's husband asked me last week if we wanted to take along his plastic light-up Santa.  He was getting rid of some Christmas extra's, so after talking to Keith we decided to take it as a surprise for his Mom. 

Surprise it was...for us when we saw how big it was! 

It had to ride on the roof of the Suburban!  Santa had his friend snoopy come along as well...but he fit inside the vehicle.  =)  We stopped at our local fruit market and as I walked inside she smiled and said, "You know you have a Santa on your car?" 

It's Christmas in July!!  I'm sure we brought some smiles along our way...well, definately a lot of double-take looks and stares but hey, we laughed a lot!

When we arrived, Keith thought it would be funny to strap Santa to the front of the car and drive up the lane.  So that's exactly what he did!

We laughed, honked and waved!  (It doesn't take much to humor us!)

--and Keith's Mom thought we were crazy and LOVED IT!

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