Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oh that Elf on the Shelf

I'm sure you all have heard about the Elf on the Shelf. 
Maybe you have an Elf causing mischief or peeking out of the curtains at you right now!  I tried it a few years ago and mid way through the kids started randomly move him around the house themselves because he would just sit for days.  I'm just not good at remembering!  It's the same way with the tooth fairy.  She shows up a few times and then my sweet children just eventually hand me the tooth directly and cash it in for money.  It's sad but true.  It's not on's just not one of my strengths I guess.  The kids are so very sweet and understanding though.  And they know that it's all in good fun so they don't freak out. 
Last year we used the Elf on the Shelf for decoration {I've collected three now because I think they are cute} and tried to move the traveling Wise Men everyday.  Well you can guess how that went --FAIL!  But you know... it did take years for the wise men to find Jesus and I'm sure they had days of rest.  =)
This year I'm trying something new.  I placed one of our Elves on the old chalkboard above my kitchen sink.  {A place I stand multiple times a day.}  Each day Mr. Elf moves and does something different.   So far it's been a hit!   I've only forgotten a few times to move him but the kids are enjoying and try to guess what he is going to do the next day. 
Do you do The Elf on the Shelf or The Traveling Wise Men?


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