Friday, November 14, 2014

Yay Free Friday!!

Okay, so here's the scoop!

Other than the last handful to finish and ship....we are DONE with 2014 orders!  Can I get a SHOUT!!!!  Last year was a challenge from beginning to end.  I bit off way more than what I could chew and oh my....I'm glad we made it through!  Many of you showed me much undeserved grace!

Moving forward to this year, I did try to be very diligent to keep our lead time in check and to make sure all Christmas orders were processed in a timely order.  It wasn't perfect, but it was beyond WAY BETTER!  --All I can do is praise the LORD!

A special thanks goes out to my ladies as well for helping me and working hard for the Lord through Baby be Blessed all throughout the year.  Thank you so much Laura and Lori!  I really don't deserve either of you!  xoxo

SO, here we are in mid-November and we have time to sneak in another 10 custom dolls for Christmas.  And not just any doll, but the NEWEST BbB doll!  Her name is Eunice.  I kinda love it.

Our Giveaway this week is for a $65 BbB Gift Voucher.  That is just enough to hopefully grab one of these Christmas dolls for yourself (if there is one left by Monday), otherwise it can be spent on some finished items or held until our custom carts open back up for 2015. Anyway you look at's $65 JUST FOR ONE OF YOU!!  =)

Enter below.  The winner will be chosen on Monday!!  xo, Tina

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MelanieA said...

I love it! Your dolls always bring a smile to my face!! ☺️